(NEW!) Project family home: The Present and the Future

5/17/2011 03:53:00 AM

Renovation of another project started today. Technically it's yesterday, but it's still the wee hours of the morning, and it's always still "today" if you haven't sleep yet right? Right.

Before I continue with the point of this post, I just need to warn you that I have been sleep deprived for days, this might have a lot of unnecessary segue. Like this one. Anyway...

We're renovating the living, dining, kitchen, and hallway space of a family home. It sounds a lot, but its basically just one room. We need to fit everything efficiently for a family, and it must look welcoming, homey, and fresh. On top of that, most of their furniture will stay.

Here's the dining / kitchen area...

and here's the living space...

What Must Stay:
1. Dark wood antique furniture (wood sofa and chairs, TV cabinet)
2. Dining table
3. Flooring

The Requests:
1. Work under a strict budget, which leads to number.....
2. Incorporate as many existing furniture in the design
3. Storage, storage, storage!
4. Pale neutral colors with a little punch
5. Frame gallery of family photos
6. Family friendly hang-out space
6. ETC :)

I'm now going to enumerate the things we'll do to the space. Don't scroll down and cheat to see the moodboard in advance! Ooooh you're tempted, I knew it! Haha.. Fine, read at your own pace, direction, or whatever that tickles your fancy. (wow I'm already using idiomatic expressions here, I need my bed stat.)

The Plan:

1. Color
(source unkown)
Since its basically just one room, we'll do the same color for the entire space. With a pinkish floor, wooden door, dark wood furniture, I need to find a color that would work well with those. Lightbulb moment: green is perfect! Pale green that is. It compliments pink, great with any wood tones, and would be a nice backdrop to any accessories. The color scheme is green / blue / white / touch of pink / wood.

2. New kitchen built-ins
Upper cabinets that will reach the ceilings. (extra storage) Simple white color with tons of drawers. (Tip! Drawers are more convenient compared to lower cabinets. So much easier to organize!) 

3. Glass cabinets with colored back shelves
The client has mostly white dinnerware, it would pop with a colored backdrop!

4. Bay Window
Oh how I love bay window lounge area, and I'm glad I get to do that in this space. Plus another storage underneath! Another plus, no need to purchase a new couch. Win win!

5. Dining Chairs
The client was originally planning on purchasing new chairs. But then I saw that they had four wood chairs on their living area. (set with their three seater antique sofa) I suggested that we use that with the dining table instead. It would bring the antique carved element to this side of the room and tie up the whole space. Plus she doesn't have to buy a new one! Savings. We'll just refurnish four of their original dining chairs to pair with the antiques.

6. Decor
(source unknown)
Simple long curtain and roman shades in neutral shade. Colors injected through with pillows, cushions, and other accessories. Frame gallery! (my favorite)

7. Etc
All of the other non-decorative stuff. Replacing damaged ceilings, adding new sliding door, some water proofing action, fix everything that is not working, etc etc etc.


Now are you ready to see the board? Which I'm pretty sure you've already seen scrolling ahead! Patience is a virtue people. Haha...
Here's what the space would look like in a few short weeks.

Dining / Kitchen Side

Living Room Side

I incorporated the things that will stay to really see that all elements (both new and old) would work well together to create a brand new space for this much deserving family.


FYI, I present more than moodboards to clients, but I don't think it would be amusing to post line drawings and elevations of cabinets! <--defensive much. I hate using much at the end of an adjective, but for this one, it just feels right. Okay I'm doing it again, segue galore. Zzzzzz.....


  1. You ceratinly have your work cut out for you!! Cant wait to see the progress and finished rooms :0) HAPPY RENOVATING!

  2. good luck its looks like a great plan!

  3. Wow more makeovers!! Can't wait to see the development of this project too! :D

  4. It's going to be lovely!! Can't wait to see it!

  5. What is the pale green wall color you chose?


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