Stylist's home office: Sofa before and after

5/14/2011 08:33:00 PM

My very first project is coming along really well, which is also the reason why this blog is so silent lately (busy-ness). Only the chairs and final touches left to be done! I'm so excited to finally see it all come together. For now, I'll leave you with one of the before and afters of this space. The sofa. 

My original vision is a french tufted plum sofa. But it's not practical to purchase a new one especially if she has an unused Ikea couch lying around. 

It's an Ektorp 2-seater with the stripe slip cover. It's a really comfy couch, but would definitely not work well with the new office space. New fabric and upholsterer to the rescue! (No, I'm not that crazy to DIY  reupholstering something that is not mine. It will probably not have a happy ending.)

Here's the "new" sofa...
Plum, check. Tufted, check. Curvy details, check!!
It's a nice alternative to the original plan considering that we spent 1/7 of the cost if we have purchased a new one!

More details on the almost done office space soon. :)


  1. I love the sofa! (and the bage on it. Is yours? lovely!)

    I can´t wait to see the space finished!


  2. WOW. That looks amazing!!!! How did you reupholster it? Nice work!

  3. That sofa is truly awesome. I wonder if I can convince my husband that plum is for us?

  4. If you don't mind my asking, approximately how expensive is it to reupholster an Ektorp like that?

  5. @Romi -Thanks! :)

    @Jessie - we hired an upholsterer to do it! :)

    @Kelly - it's really a pretty color, concvince him! haha

    @PS - the labor+foam cost us around 5,000 php ($117)

  6. is it ok if i get the contact number of your upholsterer? thanks.

  7. Wow it looks amazing!! Totally would not have guessed it was the same sofa!

  8. I looove the new couch!! And yay for plum!! I think I voted for the plum?? lol well the couch definitely looks more cute and modern now! Can't wait to see more!! :D

  9. hi elle,

    im new to your blog and I'm personally loving your DIY projects. would just like to ask are you a professional interior designer? and how did you get your clients? would appreciate your reply. thanks

  10. @anonymous - email me. :)

    @Brittany and iarticle - thank you ladies!

    @sofia - thanks! glad you love them. I think decorator is what they call it? haha.. they contacted me. :)

  11. Hello Elle,

    weee I so love the new sofa. as always, your DIY projects are awesome! keep up the good work!


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