Project family home: Fabrics

5/28/2011 05:44:00 AM

This project is in its halfway mark, which means I'm close to decorating (my favorite part)! So I need to find fabrics and have them all ready once renovation comes to a close. The palette are greens, blues, neutrals, and a touch of coral (to tie in the pink floors). 

Have I mentioned I love creating moodboards? (check out the others I made here, here, here, and here)
It helps me see that what I'm envisioning in my head will actually look good! It almost always does.. haha.

Anyway, with the approved moodboard in hand, I searched for fabrics that would work well with the design. I want them to be fun, but not juvenile.

This is the fabric plan for this project...

I'm so glad I found something similar to the one I have in the board. I love the curtain fabric, its so organic and natural looking. Its neutral but it has this interesting weave-y texture going on.

The cushion and throw pillows will be fun with all these colors and pattern. The key to mixing up patterns is by balancing a busy one with something plain or simple. In this case, the busy floral(ish) blue green fabric is a good compliment to the simpler stripe, and plain colors. 

I hope to see these hung, and sitting pretty on a couch real soon.


  1. i love how you did these mood boards. what software did you use? i have a mac computer and need to be able to do this. would love some advice : )

  2. great ideas, can't wait to see how they turn up in the finished room... good luck!

  3. Hi there!
    Just found your blog...and I am so happy! Love the way you vizualize the room through these drawings and moodboards*smile* Gave me inspiration! your colorpalette aswell*smile*

    Best wishes from Norway

  4. Thanks! The space is now done... :)

    @despar2 - I just use photoshop to make the moodboards.. :)


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