Project family home: The Progress

5/26/2011 03:59:00 AM

This family home's renovation is on week 2, and it has come a long way! Don't expect any pretty pictures on this post as we are still on construction mode.  But I hope you can visualize how this would all come together in two more weeks. That's what I do in the midst of all the chaos, dust, and fumes, I visualize and look forward to see a much prettier space. (See before pictures and moodboard here)

Bay window seat
Bones of ceiling-high cabinetry
Shelves and lower cabinets

Day 6
Cabinet doors-done!

Day 9
Primer's on!
Wall color swatches

This week is about painting, painting, and more painting! After this, the visualization will be a lot easier seeing all the colors up. I can't wait to start decorating this place. Two more weeks and this family will have they're home sweet home.

NOTE TO THE CLIENT: Thanks for letting me use your photos (day 6), and konting tiis na lng! :)


  1. Wow Wow WOW!!!

    Those cabinets look incredible! Way to go!!!
    Can't wait to see it finished :D

  2. Great job, those cabinets look great. I love to see the progress and not just the final transformation, keep up the good work.

  3. hi! great job! i love the cabinets in the kitchen. i'm planning to have my kitchen renovated as well. i'm just curious, how much was the cost of this renovation, if you don't mind. thanks!

  4. Thanks everyone! ;)

    @hilda: this reno includes cement roof water-proofing, with new wall and sliding installation on the hallway, plus living room reno as well. So it might not be the best comparison for your kitchen makeover. :)


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