Stylist's home office: The Bathroom Progress

5/14/2011 09:33:00 PM

You've seen pictures of the office space, but the bathroom remained in the dark and behind the shadows of the leading cast, the office. Now the bathroom takes center stage. Here's what went on in that narrow space in a span of one month. 

1) The Moodboard
bathroom renovation, liz uy bathroom
The plan for the space is simple: classic, neutral, with pops of color from artworks and accessories.

2) Original Bathroom
bathroom renovation, liz uy bathroom
That's what came with the unit, and it has served its purpose for years. Time to go!

3) Demolition
bathroom renovation, liz uy bathroom
The tub on the right side was removed to make way for the closet space in the office. A shower area will be placed on the far end of the room.

4) Bare
bathroom renovation, liz uy bathroom
The bathroom 2 weeks ago.

5) As of now
bathroom renovation, liz uy bathroom
All the basics are there. We just need to install the glass enclosure, add artworks and accessories, and remove those plastics! Hooray to an almost finished bathroom!


  1. What a fabulous transformation and that mirror is DIVINE! Where did you find it?

  2. i have the same question. wheredya find it?

  3. the transformation looks really nice :)

  4. OMG! I love this mirror!!! the design is yours?
    The complete proyect is amazing (but the mirror makes me whisper :)



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