Office+Lounge: "The Dark Room" Project

7/08/2011 07:41:00 AM

We began renovation last week. It's technically not "new" since it's the connecting room to Food stylist's office. But this space has a different function, project timeline, and yes, a totally completely contrasting look compared to the other office. This will serve as a personal office, lounge area, and a collectible shrine. Shrine is a big word, I know. But for collectible enthusiast out there, they'll know what I mean. ;)

So here's the space we started with. Please pardon the masking, we need to keep the client's privacy. And no, I don't want to ask them to leave the space just so I can take a shot. People are working you know? haha.. Anyway, it's a narrow rectangular room with just enough space to have both the office and lounge area.

Here's one side of the room where they'll soon find themselves chillin' and watching a movie. Is it weird that I visualize the space being used by the client this early? My imagination even have a beer and chips thrown somewhere in there. Haha
That door at the far end goes out to the garage and it will be closed off, together with the window. That wall will be the future shrine where a lighted shelves display all their treasured stuff. Yup, no window, a total moody dark lounge. The frosted glass wall on the right will bid this space goodbye to make way for a media center. Big tv, dvds, playstation... all those things that would make any guy happy. 

This side of the room will be the office space.
An L-shape desk will be custom fitted for the space. It will be facing the lounge area so you can watch while working. Who doesn't want that? I hate that my secretary desk is not facing the tv. People needs some sort of diversion while working, and by people, I mean me! But since this post is not about me, I'll stop blabbering and continue on about this project. We'll hang open shelves on the right wall, and the far wall will have the connecting room to the other office.

This is the main door for the space, which will be replaced by a modern sliding door. 
We can't afford to use a traditional hinge door because of space constraint. And because sliding doors are cool. I hate the word cool.


This is why I say that this project is a total opposite of the other office. If you haven't gotten the chance to see what we did to the other space, click here. The other room is white, airy, fun, and girly. And this is what we'll have for this space: black floors, deep charcoal walls, dark wood elements, and some contrasting white.

The sectional sofa and ottoman they already have, good thing it totally works with the new look. The back of the shelves will be painted white to frame the display. Below the shelves we'll have drawers for storage. Posters and artworks with two wall lamps will be placed behind the sofa. 

Simple and streamlined work space with white desk, and wood shelves. You can see on the right side, the sliding door we're planning to use in the space. 

This is not my typical happy fun bright cheery (insert all other synonyms here) look, but I love it! I enjoy working with different people with different needs, it expands my palette, and makes me go out of my comfort zone.

That sums up my prologue of the "The Dark Room." Watch out for the next chapter! :)


  1. Moody indeed! Can't wait to see the outcome. Btw, I emailed you about our space, I want to have it renovated sana. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Elle!

  2. Big contrast from the white industrial office you just finished!! Can't wait to see this develop! :D

  3. That is one seriously dramatic makeover. Love the proposed changes, and am eager to see them in the completed form.


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