Family's New Home (GF): The Plan

8/27/2011 03:58:00 AM

Building a new home from scratch is a roller coaster of emotions according to this client. It's fun, exciting, overwhelming, head spinning experience. This family is building their first home that they can truly call their own. They're on the finishing stage of the construction, and they asked for my help to lessen the head spinning aspect of the process. :)

I'm helping them with two areas of their home, the ground floor which has the foyer, living, dining, and kitchen area. And the den on the third floor.

This post is dedicated to their ground floor, hence the GF in the post title. Which I'm pretty sure you already figured out by now, but I love to blab so there you go.

Here's where we at now which will soon be the before pictures.

The foyer

Living area (foyer and entrance to the right)

Dining space and the kitchen.

The layout is a very typical row house feel where the living / dining / kitchen  are all in one long rectangular space, which means that everything should look cohesive.

They love architectural details, warm tones, modern furnishing, natural woods, and TAUPE. Yes, the wife loves her taupe. So I'm giving that to her. 

Here's the plan for the ground floor.

Floor to ceiling wall paneling, drum chandelier, and all sort of pretty things to set the tone of the space.

A modern couch, a black accent chair, and punch of colors through drapes and pillows. 

We'll install this wall mirror feature to make the dining space the focal point. A reclaimed wood table paired with mismatched modern chairs and a bench will give this space a more causal vibe.

A very clean modern kitchen with tons of lower storage, and an open shelving to display everyday items.

I'm really excited to see this design in reality. We've already chosen the fabrics, floors, paint colors, and lighting. Onto the big pieces!

Oh I can just imagine the family gathered around the dining table on Christmas eve. We'll get to that. :)


  1. That is exciting! We can now see how you build a room from scratch. Since the other projects you've showed are makeovers. Good luck :)

  2. I'm loving all the wall details you added. Everything looks sophisticated. Looking forward to see te outcome!

  3. Great moodboards. Looking forward to seeing it come to life!


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