Family's New Home (Den): The Plan

9/10/2011 04:05:00 AM

Whenever I'm dreaming of my future home, it always includes a third floor space/ attic that has an open floor plan. Something to use as a lounge and office space. It will have a big table to spread out and work, lots of storage, and a couch in front of a big tv. But of course, as aways, I'm way over my head since that is so far in the future, and I'm pretty sure it will not be big as I imagined. I'm not even sure if I'll have a third floor. Ha! But as they say, dream big.

Well, this family's new home got their third floor. This is the other space I'll be doing for their home. If you haven't seen the plan for the ground floor, check it out here. The main use of the space is a hang-out area for the family, and a guest bedroom.

This is where they're at when I first visited.

Stairs leading to this floor

A loft area above / full bath below

The doorway leading to their  rooftop. Say hello to my clients...   :)


To be cohesive, a lot of elements from the ground floor will continue on this space -wall panelling, black elements, wood tones, taupe. But since this a more of a hang-out area for the family, I'd like it to have a more casual vibe.

The plan for this side. 
We'll use bold stripe pattern to reupholster their existing chairs. The panelling will be installed on this wall, and big storage area will be added on the right side. You might be wondering why there's a tv on the stair landing. Well, that's the only logical choice. Believe me, I have stared at this space for a long time thinking for an alternative. No such luck. Thank goodness the stairs are very wide so no blocking of any kind will be going on. 

The other side.
To maximize the corner, we'll use a sectional. That's the area in front of the tv. The client like to have stripe walls, so we'll use it in this area to camouflage that lofted walls a bit and make it a little more seamless. Instead of using railings for the loft, we just extended the height of the walls to provide more privacy upstairs, and to not break up the accent stripe wall.

What a fun project! There's already a huge progress which I'll show you all soon. I'm really excited for them to finally move in.


  1. So cute! I like that it's fun without being juvenile. Goodluck!

  2. love your designs. where did you buy your pillows/pillow fabric?


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