Family's New Home: Progress

10/04/2011 02:16:00 AM

This home is almost done with just a few finishing touches here and there. You can now see how close it is to the moodboard (den here / GF here) I made. It's super exciting to have your vision become reality, I'll never get tired of that feeling! 

Here's the Den with the floors installed and bare walls.

Now with the stripes on the wall. The stripes somewhat camouflage the bathroom partition and made the room looked more seamless. It even feels bigger. 

The other side of the den with the wall paneling installed.

Now here's the ground floor with the first coat of paint and the bones of the paneling. 

And here it is fully painted. I can't wait to have the mirrors installed on that feature wall! It would be awesome. 

Everything is neutral for now, but we'll add life and color through decor and accessories. This week we'll have a few chairs refinished and reupholstered, bold patterns are coming in people! 

Oh I've got exciting news that I'll share this week, I can't believe how blessed I am. Though it means a busier week ahead and a lot of cramming, but I can't complain. I think 2011 is my year. :)


  1. I'll never get tired of stripe walls! :) I love that you continued it till the highest part of the ceiling. Can't wait to see this come together.

  2. Looking really good. Looking forward to see the outcome of this. -miss d


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