House of Femme: The Progress

10/30/2011 09:22:00 PM

I have a confession to make --these updates are not real time. The project is actually almost done with just some decorating left. But of course, every makeover has its grueling construction period to make my moodboards a reality. And here are those moments of mess and chaos...

The yet to be pretty bedroom. (See the moodboard here)

The workpace

Vanity / TV area

The doors of the stand alone storage. I love all the "X" details on the cabinet doors through out.

The almost pretty living / dining space (see moodboard here)

My future house would definitely have wall moldings. It gives any ordinary space glamor, and as my client said.. "nakakasosyal" haha

The zebra rug.

Gigantic ornate mirror / artwork

Here are the botanical artworks that we'll hang on the dining area. I just did an online search of free printable, and had them printed and framed. Instant art!

In real time, all the furniture are already in. New dining table and sofa for the LD. New 6-foot tall headboard, and side tables for the bedroom.  Lots of refinished chairs for both spaces. Bedroom wallpaper already installed. Botanical prints up on the wall. 

Yet to be done: Draperies for both rooms / Repaint and hang mirror above the sofa / Decorate and accessorize. Almost there.. Yey!


  1. where did you get the prints? :) love them
    great work btw :)

  2. thank you! :) Just did an online search of botanical prints.


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