Newlyweds' First Pad: The Progress

10/12/2011 01:28:00 AM

I just had one of the busiest week of my life, and the crazy is not yet done. Not complaining at all. The blessings is overflowing yet overwhelming, but I AM HAPPY. Anyway, I need to sleep right about now so I'll slip in this short little post about what went on on this couple's new pad. (See the plan here)

Building stuff: New bed, New closet. 
It seems giant without paint yet, but we'll be doing the closet the same color as the walls to fake the eyes and make it seem more seamless. I'm just happy that we fit in lots of storage on this small unit -underneath the bed, large closet, media table, a mini shoe storage, and of course your typical studio kitchen cabinets.

Trying out the wallpaper.
So lucky to have found a wallpaper in almost the same color and design as my moodboard. You see, I create the moodboard to present an ideal plan first, then I source stuff once everything is approved. This one is so meant to be. :)

Painting the walls.

I know you've been seeing tons of greens in most of my designs. It's not one of my fave colors though it really is pretty. It just so happen that the clients requested them (except for Project family home, where I chose that color to compliment their existing pinkish floors and wooden elements), and I'm very much happy to gave them what they asked for. :)  

Well hello gorgeous! My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw this. Too cute if I can say so myself. (Sometimes I wonder why it seems like I'm talking about a very hot guy when I talk about design. moving on...)

So the construction phase of this place is done. Next week, we'll be installing all the accessories to finish this space, and the couple can finally move in. Happy times!



  1. It's so cute so far!! I love that wallpaper! :D

  2. me too! :) thanks for always dropping by the blog.

  3. nice work, elle! love, love, love everything you did! i can't stop backreading your blog :) the wallpaper's great! care to share tips on where you source your wallpaper in manila? thanks!

  4. Thank you :) This particular wallpaper I got from Shell Canvas. They a lot of other options too. You can also try DM Wallscoverings and Wallprints international. Thanks!


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