Newlyweds' First Pad: We're Almost Done!

11/13/2011 02:57:00 AM

I felt so at home the first time I saw this almost done pad. It's cozy and fun, and the bed is definitely calling my name! I actually did tried it out myself imagining it to be my place. haha.. The truth is, I almost always envy my clients! :)

Here are some detailed shots of some portions of the space. Of course these are all tight shots as to not give out the whole final look of the space. Being a small 24sqm studio unit, any shot wider than this would not leave anything to your imagination.

Wallpaper and the cozy bed

The living area

Kitchen shelves (How cute are those Just Married mugs??)

Counter-slash-dining table drop-light

Super cute stools

We're bringing in the final details this week. Rug, center table, decor, accessories, and their gallery wall! If you've been a regular in this blog, you'll know I'm a sucker for clusters of frames. :) Oh how I can't wait to finally put this space in my list of "completed projects." Soon Elle, soon.


  1. It's so cute so far!! I want you to do my new place when I get one haha XD

  2. Been lurking around your site the whole day. I love your design aesthetic, even though I'm a minimalist myself. :)

    Anyway, care to share where you got the drop light? It's fabulous. Thanks!


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