Real Makeover: A Makeover within a Makeover

11/18/2011 11:44:00 PM

Here's a mini makeover from this project -two of my favorite furniture revamp. The house is overflowing with stuff, but the one good thing about that is I got to reused a lot of their old furniture. Here are my faves:

The Old Antique Aparador (cabinet)

Painted it a bright green and replaced the broken mirrors. It's at the end of the room, yet it's the first thing you see when you go in, the bright color commands attention. And I love it! 

The Generic Chair

I so love the fabric we used here! It's a Dwell-ish vintage chic looking print that has the most amazing colors. Took the yellow from it and painted the frame that same shade. Fresh and unique.

From these photos, you can have a bit of a sneak peek of how the room turned out. Go check the after photo of the cabinet, look closely at the mirror and you'll see a view of the room. :)

But if you want the first peek of the entire space, watch Urbanzone later - like in less than an hour! haha..  They will have a short segment showing the transformation of the space with a short interview with the homeowners, the letter sender, and me! I sure hope I didn't screw up. I have an intense fear of being in front of (video) camera.  I was seriously replaying the shoot in my head out of paranoia. Haha... Watch it okay? And please don't make fun of me! :)


  1. i so love the chair! where'd you get the fabric?

  2. ohmygod i actually waited for this UZ episode to watch your segment (i was more excited about it than ely buendia's house, lol) then when UZ started,I slept through it. arghhhh, so damn frustrated i cant find a video replay anywhere. :(
    btw elle, the tufted headboard that u made for your other project (was it the house of femme? can u share your upholsterer? thanks


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