Real Makeover: Progress

11/17/2011 07:13:00 PM

This week is gonna be Real Makeover Overload! I've been itching to post this project for quite a while now, so here you go! You can see the story behind this makeover and before photos of this space just right before this post. (or click here)

The game plan is to get rid of all the unwanted clutter and free up the space. We fixed some part ceiling of the ceiling, patched up the wall to prep for the paint.
We built over their existing lower cabinets to add extra hidden storage.

That is an existing chandelier that will fit right in the renovated space.


We removed the sink under the stairs and replaced it with a tv niche.

Here are the new storage unit sans the doors and the final coat of paint. Painted that wall a much deeper shade of gray to contrast the pale lemony color we'll put over the unit.

Painted wall and another madness shot. Those 2 wooden sofa chair will be reused as well.

Even with all the chaos going on here, you'll see how much more spacious the space feels compared to its original state. The power of de-cluttering. :) Stay tuned for the next installment of this whirlwind of a project.


  1. Still can't get the picture on how this will turn out, but I can't wait! Congratulations on this project!


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