Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad: The Beginning

12/14/2011 11:38:00 PM

Twitter is awesome. I've got 2 of my current clients from there. They tweeted about wanting to hire help for their interiors, and some followers tag me to their inquiries. Thank you for tagging! You know who you are. My clients then checked my blog and hired me! Awesome awesome awesome. Thank you. That's how this project began. 

One of the Philippines sought-after young fashion designer asked me to help him with his place. He got his studio unit furnished with these:

Livable, but it lacks style. The place is pretty small, very typical of today's city living. Just enough space to lounge and relax. And that's exactly the peg for this project: Lounge.

To make space for a couch, we'll use it as a dining bench as well. A textured moody wallpaper will be installed on this wall. High headboard with reading lights above. Funky chandelier for some fun touch. 

A 3-door closet, media unit, and shelves will span one wall. Mirrors on cabinet doors will visually expand the space. Three-tone draperies for some graphic element.

One of his request is to hide the kitchen. We'll install a sliding door and hang open shelving above.

In all honesty, this project is almost done. Bad blogger syndrome. Haha... It very much looks like the moodboard above. (Well.. it should be!) I seriously can't wait to decorate this space and share it with you. I really hope that my client will love this space as much as I do.



  1. Can't wait for this one. :D Though I thought it would have more colors. Lol

  2. Haha.. It's actually his request to make this unit more subdued since his everyday work life is so colorful already :) Pang relax space ganun. haha Thanks!

  3. I looove the look of this!! Can't wait to see it completed in real life! :D

  4. hi elle! sent you an inquiry through your email. hoping to hear from you soon! i love love your style :D

  5. hi elle what software do you use for your moodboards? cant wait for the final outcome of this project :)

  6. Ur just using olioboard/ polyvore right? :)

  7. Thanks! :)

    I use photoshop for the moodboards.

  8. hi elle, i always remember u everytime i passed by an upholstery shop nearby our village..and i just love the "segunda mano" (just wna use the word :p) wooden chairs, lamps and frames u post here in ur blog..where can i buy those? i have some cool printed fabrics at home..cant wait to have those wooden chairs..

  9. Impressive. :)


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