Real Makeover: Big Reveal!

12/23/2011 02:54:00 AM

It's finally time for the Big Reveal of the Real Living's Real Makeover for the December issue. Wow that sentence has a lot of prepositions. Another wow, I still know what preposition means.. woohoo for retained knowledge. I surely can't say that for all that sine cosine tangent stuff!

Anyway, this won't be a very big reveal for those who have a copy of the issue, or those who got the chance to watch the episode on Urban Zone. So this post is mainly for me to finally share the (crappy) photos that I took myself. (side note: finally bought a new cam for Christmas! can't wait to have ungrainy and silent *no noise* photos. Haha)

If you want to check out the progress of this project from beginning up to this reveal point, click here.

But for those who are too lazy to back read, I'll share a little background about this project. Real Living Magazine has a monthly Real Makeover segment where they do a renovation for the chosen letter sender. I was luckily chosen to design for the makeover for their December issue. This project has a very strict deadline and tight budget that we have to work with. But that doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice on the outcome.. sacrifice on sleep, maybe. Ha. The homeowners are these two very kind elderly couple who wishes to have their ground floor renovated. Their daughter-in-law was the one who send the letter and surprised her in-laws with this makeover. They wanted a very cheery place to relax, entertain, and sleep as well. Nanay, the wife, specifically requested her favorite colors which are red, green, and yellow. 

Enough of my not-so-short story telling.. here's the reveal.

All the bathroom fixtures and tiles were replaced. Crazy-cut accent tile wall. A custom-made shower curtain. I bought the fabric and added a shower curtain lining on the other side.

Painted their antique cabinet a fresh green color.

I chose a very neutral wall color with yellow undertone to coordinate with their existing flooring. This way, the floors will not look too out of place, and instead, make it seemed like it was part of the design.
Colorful decorative accents all throughout the space.
Placed a sofa bed and a day bed to comfortably sleep two people.

Installed a media niche in lieu of their old unused sink to maximize the area.
Family portraits were hang gallery style (what's new??haha), and we built an upper cupboard over their existing lower cabinets to provide hidden storage. Added faux painted molding on the cabinet doors for some decorative detail.

Refinished and reupholstered their existing dining chairs. (here)
I looove their wedding photo so much that I left it untouched and just place them on the ledge.

Lots of colorful and patterned pillows everywhere.  Also hang bird cages on the corner just because I find it cute. It is cute, right? right. Okay.
Their very own chandelier that is very fitting with the new design. I balanced the color by mainly using yellow (curtain and chairs) and green (rug, cabinet, pillows), and just added accents of red.

I can go pretty crazy with patterns and colors, I just love them! And I'm so glad the homeowners embraced all the changes wholeheartedly. They keep on telling me how they love the space, and how they intended to keep it that way. It totally warms the heart. Nothing beats that fuzzy happy feeling.

With the homeowners...
See, I told you she really loves red, yellow, and green! :)

I miss you Nanay and Tatay!


  1. that is amazing, you did a great job. what a HUGE difference!

  2. It looks absolutely amazing! So worth the wait to see the big reveal!

  3. You've been busy, Elle! Stunning transformations! I'm going to look back at your archives for inspiration as I clean my apartment...and then when I settle into my new one ;) Happy new year to you!

  4. Hi elle! You're designs are the greatest, i super love it! Keep it up :) btw, where did you purchase the sofa and accessories for this house and for the newly weds condo? They're so chic and fits small spaces, just what I'm looking for :) best of luck to your upcoming projects!

  5. almost 80% of their stuffs was ommited. Where did you put them?

  6. Thanks everyone! Items from this project are from Crossings home.
    @anonymous that's one goal of this makeover, to get rid of their unused items. Most of them are just clutter anyway. :)

  7. hi ms.elle! ang gandaaaa!! hahaha ang galing galing mo! 😊😊😊

  8. I love it too! God bless Ms.Elle! Super inspiring! 😊😊😊


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