Real Makeover: The Chaotic final 2 days

12/02/2011 06:27:00 AM

If you've seen the Urban Zone ep featuring this makeover, or if you already have a copy of Real Living December issue, then these photos would make much more sense. If you've seen none of those, then all you'll see in this post are chaos and clutter. Haha...

(See the story behind this makeover here)
(the extended storage sans doors and handles)

The final 2 days of this project was fun but ohh soo stressful. We had a deadline since the shoot was already scheduled, so we had to make it work, no matter what. 

(Green repainted cabinet. Mirrors and drawers were on their way in.)

I've been running around getting mirrors, tiles, and whatnots to finish the space.

(furniture: check!)

I've spent 2 entire days helping the workers out just to make it on time. 

(box full of accessories: check!)

And by entire day, I mean until almost midnight. 

(Painted a subtle stripe behind the sofa)

The final day of installation was really fun.

(Black dinette and yellow chairs)

I can now see my vision shaping up.

Hanging the mirror, accessorizing shelves and tables, finally laying the carpet, removing the sofas' plastic covers, plopping the throw pillows in place, and all those other prettifying stuff completed this space.

It still feels surreal that I did a Real Makeover for Real Living Magazine. Really mind-boggling surreal. But whatever destiny is playing up giving me all these opportunities, I AM THANKFUL. 

To see the final look of this makeover, grab a copy of Real Living December issue.

And you can catch a replay of the Urban Zone ep on Dec 9, right after soco.



  1. Hi elle!

    I've been following you early this year. I I got a copy of the RL December issue yesterday. When I browsed the pages, I came across the frame gallery and the pillow cases, I thought of your signature designs. Somebody is copying it. Hahhhaaa..It was your name. As I read the following pages. It is really you Elle!

    I can now completely imagine the lay out of the house make-over when I read back your post. These behind the pictures posted here aids me.

    I really like your blog. I completely browse you first post and I keep checking it every day together with my facebook. ..and sometimes more often.

    I’m looking forward for a project of yours in Cebu.


    Bst rgrds,
    Notnot of Cebu

  2. Hi Notnot!

    I hope you can see my reply as this is one of the sweetest comment ever! Haha..
    Thank you so much for constantly dropping by the blog. Nahiya naman ako hindi kasi ako lagi nakakapost. :)

    I'm surprised too that you can see my "style" right of the pages of Real Living.. thank you.

    Hoping to work with you someday. :)



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