House of Femme

House of Femme: The Progress

9:22:00 PM
I have a confession to make --these updates are not real time. The project is actually almost done with just some decorating left. But of course, every makeover has its grueling construction period to make my moodboards a reality. And here are those moments of mess and chaos...

The yet to be pretty bedroom. (See the moodboard here)

The workpace

Vanity / TV area

The doors of the stand alone storage. I love all the "X" details on the cabinet doors through out.

The almost pretty living / dining space (see moodboard here)

My future house would definitely have wall moldings. It gives any ordinary space glamor, and as my client said.. "nakakasosyal" haha

The zebra rug.

Gigantic ornate mirror / artwork

Here are the botanical artworks that we'll hang on the dining area. I just did an online search of free printable, and had them printed and framed. Instant art!

In real time, all the furniture are already in. New dining table and sofa for the LD. New 6-foot tall headboard, and side tables for the bedroom.  Lots of refinished chairs for both spaces. Bedroom wallpaper already installed. Botanical prints up on the wall. 

Yet to be done: Draperies for both rooms / Repaint and hang mirror above the sofa / Decorate and accessorize. Almost there.. Yey!
before and after

Family's New Home: The Chairs Makeover

1:36:00 PM
Who among you here have old chairs that you couldn't wait to get rid of? Well this family got plenty of them. My client told me that she swore not to see all those chairs once they moved! Guess what? She's seeing more of them now. But of course this time, "hate" wouldn't be the first thing she'll think of.

Here's a piano bench that's headed to the trash. They even used it as construction stool. (read: patungan ng pintura at kalat.. haha)
french chairs, painted chair, reupholstered chair, chair before and after

french chairs, painted chair, reupholstered chair, chair before and after

french chairs, painted chair, reupholstered chair, chair before and after

After (For one corner of the living room). 
french chairs, painted chair, reupholstered chair, chair before and after

french chairs, painted chair, reupholstered chair, chair before and after

french chairs, painted chair, reupholstered chair, chair before and after
 This wil go to one bonus room I'm doing for the house. I'll share it once it's done. So loving the fabric, I bought the fabric even before showing it to the client 'coz I don't mind having it in case they didn't like it. Turns out they love it as much I do. :)

french chairs, painted chair, reupholstered chair, chair before and after
For the den. Black and white is great. Stripes is great. Black and white PLUS stripes is amazing! haha... Sorry for the plastic wrap thing, didn't want to remove it yet since there's still construction going on. 

So the next time you see some un-pretty chairs lying around, don't hate it just yet. :)
HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the day: Old School Chic

3:06:00 AM
The colors on this space are so pale and relaxing that it even made that very huge manly desk looks soft and sweet. Heck, it even made me want one of those desk. Look at the storage and work space on that thing! That inspiration wall is dreamy as well- very vintage chic.

House of Femme

House of Femme: Bedroom Plan

2:43:00 AM
I know I've used the word excited a lot, and I'm running out of words to replace it. I should brush up on my thesaurus. Googling now......

 I'm super excited thrilled / titillated / galvanized?? with this renovation. AS IN. For the simple reason that this can be my dream bedroom . I love it! The client and I share a very similar taste so it's safe to say that I'm jealous of this soon-to-be colorful French-ish room.

Here's the space when I first met the client...
turquoise bedroom, interior design moodboard

Bare and ready to roll.
turquoise bedroom, interior design moodboard

The Moodboard(s)

Turquoise / yellow / gold / cream / white are the colors we're using.
turquoise bedroom, interior design moodboard
An extra-high tufted headboard for a very luxe but casual feel.

turquoise bedroom, interior design moodboard
Pop of yellow chair, some gold ornate mirror, and plenty of make-up storage!

turquoise bedroom, interior design moodboard
One wall dedicated to work. A future HO of the day. :)

Told you, this is the causal sister of the more formal living/dining room of the House of Femme. Same French, ornate feel, but with a totally different vibe.

just sharing

10:59:00 PM
I had a day off so I decided to make this....

A landing page for that goes directly to "my work." Basically, it will be my portfolio page. You see, people tend to misspell SWITCHEROOm. I've seen Switcher Room, and Switchroom. To avoid all confusion, I decided to just simplify everything and use But you won't notice the website switch since it's integrated here. Try it! Check out what kept me a bit busy today. Click "my work" on the upper tab. :) 
just sharing

Real Makeover, thoughts, and thank you

2:24:00 AM
Okay so good news (for me) I'm doing Real Living's Real Makeover for the December issue. I'm sure I've mentioned it like a few post before, but it's just really exciting for me that I want to blabber a bit more. If you're looking for some interior design inspiration or advice, or any of those things, then this post is not for you. Haha.. This is the post where I'll be typing away about my thoughts on what's been going on with, well who else, me!
The makeover is almost done, but I won't show it yet 'til late November, just in time for the issue. But I'm telling you it will be colorful. :)

I still can't believe I'm doing that. I feel so blessed about everything that's been going on. A few months back if someone would have told me that people will hire me to design their spaces, I would have laughed. Not because I thought I can't do it, more of.. "Why? Why would they do that?" I mean I believe I'm capable, I love interiors since I was little, but I haven't proven anything yet.

But opportunities came, as unbelievable as it may seem, so I grabbed them and held on to them. I'm still holding on. Tight. :) I'm happy. I'm happy people trust me enough to come to me for help. I'm happy people like what I do. I'm happy that my clients are happy. Lot's of happy in one paragraph, but that just sums up what I feel. Happy and blessed.

I've been known by my friends to jumped from one work to another, see my bio here. I'm not the type of person who stays put if I'm not happy anymore. Don't get me wrong, I liked my jobs before (well, most of it.. haha)  and I gained friends and experiences from them. I haven't had a full-time job since 3 years ago, I swear it didn't felt that long time ago! I've opened up an online clothing shop after working, Modista by Elle, and if you have bought from me, thank you. :) I had to closed it down because of circumstances, and I wanted to move on to new things, again. I've continued my freelance graphic design gig up until all this blessings came pouring in.

I don't know why, but everything I wanted, I got. I wanted to be a graphic artist in an ad agency, I became one. I wanted to work marketing for a fashion brand, I got in. I wanted to sell clothes, I did it. And all those things in between I did, I wanted them. So now I wanted to work on interiors, I'm doing it. Who would not feel so blessed with that?? I'm telling you, God likes me. There's no other reason. I'm not worthy.

So thank you so much. If you constantly check in here to see what I've been up to, thank you. If you're one of my clients who completely trusted me with your space, thank you. If you simply like what I do, thank you. If you're my friend, family, love ones who support and love me, thank you. And thank you God for all the blessings.

I feel like I just gave a best actress speech. Haha... Now that I got that off my chest, we'll be back with regular programming. 'Til then. :)
House of Femme

House of Femme: Living/Dining Plan

2:14:00 AM
The client is completely renovating their old house. She pretty much gave me full reign over this project with just the overview of what she likes. What's really great, aside from the fact that I can go out all girly in here (she's sharing the house with her sister), is that we have a very similar taste in design. It's like designing for myself too! Haha...

I'm doing two parts of the house, one is her bedroom, and the other one is their living/dining area.
I'll share the latter first.

Here's where they're at when I first saw the space.
A very pretty blank canvas. They already started on their renovation and she wants me to come in to help on all the finishing touches.

As for the design, she wants a more formal space, injected with pops of colors, and very much french inspired.

The Moodboard

Her future living / dining room right there -soft grey walls, dark charcoal drapes, revived classic pieces, wall moldings, colors and patterns through some furniture and accessories. Most of the furniture are from their Dad's vast collection of French pieces that just needed some TLC. And if you know me, you'll know that I love refinished and reupholstered furniture to bring it back to life (Like here, here, and here). As of today, I have 9 chairs for this house at the upholsterer. I seriously can't wait to have them back in their new look.

Up next is the bedroom plan, it's a brighter, more causal version of this. Think turquoise, yellow, gold, and white! :) Be sharing them soon.

Welcome to the House of Femme.
Newlyweds' First Pad

Newlyweds' First Pad: The Progress

1:28:00 AM
I just had one of the busiest week of my life, and the crazy is not yet done. Not complaining at all. The blessings is overflowing yet overwhelming, but I AM HAPPY. Anyway, I need to sleep right about now so I'll slip in this short little post about what went on on this couple's new pad. (See the plan here)

Building stuff: New bed, New closet. 
It seems giant without paint yet, but we'll be doing the closet the same color as the walls to fake the eyes and make it seem more seamless. I'm just happy that we fit in lots of storage on this small unit -underneath the bed, large closet, media table, a mini shoe storage, and of course your typical studio kitchen cabinets.

Trying out the wallpaper.
So lucky to have found a wallpaper in almost the same color and design as my moodboard. You see, I create the moodboard to present an ideal plan first, then I source stuff once everything is approved. This one is so meant to be. :)

Painting the walls.

I know you've been seeing tons of greens in most of my designs. It's not one of my fave colors though it really is pretty. It just so happen that the clients requested them (except for Project family home, where I chose that color to compliment their existing pinkish floors and wooden elements), and I'm very much happy to gave them what they asked for. :)  

Well hello gorgeous! My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw this. Too cute if I can say so myself. (Sometimes I wonder why it seems like I'm talking about a very hot guy when I talk about design. moving on...)

So the construction phase of this place is done. Next week, we'll be installing all the accessories to finish this space, and the couple can finally move in. Happy times!

be inspired

Look what I got for P1000

11:40:00 AM
One of my online past time is searching for great deals. Not your typical ensogo or groupon thing, more like going through Sulit to look for great pieces that I can redo. Like this one...

Yup, I got that set of 2 chairs and a side table for only P1000 (around $24), and they are heavy! I still don't know what I'll do with them in terms of color or fabric since I don't have any plans of where to put them yet, in my future home perhaps? Meaning you won't be seeing an after pictures for years. Haha..

Anyway, I was trying to search for inspiration pics online using the key term "Fan-back chair" and "Shell-back chair" and it came back nothing. The boyfriend made a bet with me that he can find them online, and after a few seconds of googling, he showed me pages of them! Apparently, the name of that particular style is "Shield-Back Chair."

Yes the boyfriend know the term! Shame on me. Apparently, they had those type of chairs growing up.  ME=loser. Haha...

So here you go, inspiration photos of what can be the future of this P1000 purchase. :)

HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the day: Hello Chrome

1:34:00 AM
Turn that unused corner in your home into an office. Just a few square feet  and you have yourself a fabulous work space. Of course it helps if you've got that to-die-for chrome table. Love how there are a lot of very industrial pieces, but there are warm elements thrown here and there. Who would have thought that wooden chair would look great with that desk? 

design projects

Family's New Home: Progress

2:16:00 AM
This home is almost done with just a few finishing touches here and there. You can now see how close it is to the moodboard (den here / GF here) I made. It's super exciting to have your vision become reality, I'll never get tired of that feeling! 

Here's the Den with the floors installed and bare walls.

Now with the stripes on the wall. The stripes somewhat camouflage the bathroom partition and made the room looked more seamless. It even feels bigger. 

The other side of the den with the wall paneling installed.

Now here's the ground floor with the first coat of paint and the bones of the paneling. 

And here it is fully painted. I can't wait to have the mirrors installed on that feature wall! It would be awesome. 

Everything is neutral for now, but we'll add life and color through decor and accessories. This week we'll have a few chairs refinished and reupholstered, bold patterns are coming in people! 

Oh I've got exciting news that I'll share this week, I can't believe how blessed I am. Though it means a busier week ahead and a lot of cramming, but I can't complain. I think 2011 is my year. :)
PSID exhibit 2011

PSID Exhibit (Part 2)

3:08:00 AM
Here's the second batch of the PSID exhibit. If you haven't seen the first one, it's next to this post. I'm pretty sure this will make much for sense if you read that first. :)

This dining room is so fresh and innovative. Those ceiling details are cut-out pipes clustered to create that look. Those white bambooesque branch at the back are also pipes, and the dining table stand too!

This bathroom is inspired by the yin and yang. Combination of curvy and straight, black and white. It has a sense of serenity.

I'm drawn to colors and pattern so this I really like. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's just so fun. All the cabinet doors, the bar detail, and even the light fixtures are made of cardboard.

This space = sweet dreams. And this is not even a bedroom! It's just so calm, and soft, and lovely. Most of it are paper mache finished. They even used cut-out tissue rolls to create a patterned wall. Say hello to the gorgeous ceiling...

I love the tension between feminine and masculine in this space. The dainty accent wall to ceiling steelworks, with the very macho aircraft-part dining table; the pale turquoise and rich pink, with the deep grays and blacks; the soft sheer drapes, with the hard and shiny steels -irony at its best.

This space takes inspiration from copper. Not only by the use of material, but by the overall feel of the room too. It's warm and inviting, the coppery colors together with some of its complimentary hue.

Cement finish are always perceived as the starting point, then you'll go to painting, or whatever you do to cover it up. But raw cement finish with just a top coat is so in right now. Just look at this space. It has a very industrial vibe going on, and I'm sure it's so durable too. I want to take home all that frames, the mirrors, the poofs, and if I can fit that giant cove seating in our house, I'll take that too!

A super whimsical girls' bedroom. Alice in the Wonderland inspired with a touch of goth. All the finishes in this space are so fun and creative!

The dark stone walls are mixed with the bright yellows, and the organic stones are mixed with modern cabinetry, to balance this kitchen out. The kitchen feels spacious and very functional.

A very graphic wall accents the whole space. This room has a lot of movement and curves which is very sexy. Loving their take on a wing back chair.

There you go, all the booths presented at this year's PSID exhibit. I was actually contemplating on going back to school. Might do it someday, the students inspired me. I might not have the patience and time to go through it right now, my lazy side feels like it's done with studying, but never say never right? Oh how I do hope they have some sort of a crash course or short study of interior design. I would love to take that! Though I'm pretty sure everything needed to be learned doesn't fit in any crash course. It takes a lot of time. I'm doing yet another nonsense blab, so there it is. Visit their exhibit -their design are even better in person! :)

Jak 'en Poy: An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions
October 1-31,2011
SM North Edsa (Beside the Block)