Thank you 2011. Hello 2012.

This year was full of unexpected surprises, good ones! I started 2011 oblivious of the fact that it would be the year my dream would come true. (naks! drama! haha) I've always wanted to decorate and design spaces. I'm a die hard interior design enthusiast. But I thought that was it, just a hobby that I'll do on my spare time, in my own home. But then some genie granted my wish and I'm now doing this thing for real -for other people! Yup, people actually hired me to decorate their space! Humbled and proud all at the same time.

Here's a rundown of what went on in my little decorating world this year:

My very first project is the Stylist's Home Office. I know I still owe you after photos. It's ironic that my very first project still doesn't have its Big Reveal. We're adding some things here and there to accommodate more people so for those who are waiting, promise I'll show it early next year!

Project Family Home. I call this my buena mano since technically it is. Stylist's Home Office's owner is someone dear to me. This one is an actual client who doesn't know me and trusted me from the get go. I love how we got to reuse most of their furniture and still made their space looking brand new.

Food Stylist's Office open doors for me in the print world. This was the cover of Real Living October issue. I sooo love how I was able to go wild with the colors and decorating.

For the Office + Lounge project, I went out of my colorful comfort zone and created this dark and cozy space. I really appreciate being able to expand my palate and do space for different personalities.

This one is more of a side project. I designed a shoe closet for a fashion enthusiast's room. Boy, I wish I have that kind of space, and those kind of shoes!

Family's New Home was months in the making, and is still in the making. Haha.. I came in while the house is still in the construction phase, that's why. But we have built some architectural detail like wall paneling and that one very big mirror accent wall! We already have most of the furniture in, next year we're onto decorating! Can't wait.

♥ Newlywed's First Pad. I got to fit in all the necessities and made it looking oh so sweet. Haha.. It was also great that the client is so hands-on and bought a lot of decorative items! This space will be featured on Real Living Jan-Feb issue. Yey for 2012!

House of Femme -- ultra glam house for two sisters. Designing for this house feels like designing for myself! The client and I share the same taste in design making this much more fun. Big reveal early next year for living/dining space.
Progress for the bedroom. Reveal when the client moves in. Haha.. 

Real Living's Real Makeover is one great experience. We got to make a very deserving elderly couple happy. I enjoyed the time I spent with them, super nice people. Even though the project is pressure-filled with time and budget, I really had fun doing it. (for Real Living December 2011 issue)

This project is another unexpected look from me. Not my typical burst of color space. See... I've got range. Hahaha.. I do enjoy designing all sorts of look as long as it suits the client. Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad is a more serious hotelesque look. Having all sorts of texture and patterns liven up the room without putting too much color.

Those are the one currently posted here. But I've got 2 more I'm working on.
 Clue: "The Kitchen that Fashion Built" and "The Unkabogable House" 

I'll share them soon!

I'd like to give a shout out to all those who trusted me with their space, I can't thank you enough. You are all a blessing to me this year. And to those who constantly drop by the blog, thank you for sticking with me. Also special thanks to Real Living for all the features -hello Kathleen Valle! :)

I'll end this year filled with gratitude and awe, and I'll start the new year filled with hope and excitement of what's about to come.

And last, but definitely not the least, thank you God.

CHEERS! Happy New Year to all!

Christmas Whimsy

Toby Fairley via HGTV

I'd love to recreate this tree someday! This would totally amp up the whimsy and fun of the Holiday Season. 

May you all have a blessed, fun-filled Christmas!

Much love and gratitude,

Real Makeover: Big Reveal!

It's finally time for the Big Reveal of the Real Living's Real Makeover for the December issue. Wow that sentence has a lot of prepositions. Another wow, I still know what preposition means.. woohoo for retained knowledge. I surely can't say that for all that sine cosine tangent stuff!

Anyway, this won't be a very big reveal for those who have a copy of the issue, or those who got the chance to watch the episode on Urban Zone. So this post is mainly for me to finally share the (crappy) photos that I took myself. (side note: finally bought a new cam for Christmas! can't wait to have ungrainy and silent *no noise* photos. Haha)

If you want to check out the progress of this project from beginning up to this reveal point, click here.

But for those who are too lazy to back read, I'll share a little background about this project. Real Living Magazine has a monthly Real Makeover segment where they do a renovation for the chosen letter sender. I was luckily chosen to design for the makeover for their December issue. This project has a very strict deadline and tight budget that we have to work with. But that doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice on the outcome.. sacrifice on sleep, maybe. Ha. The homeowners are these two very kind elderly couple who wishes to have their ground floor renovated. Their daughter-in-law was the one who send the letter and surprised her in-laws with this makeover. They wanted a very cheery place to relax, entertain, and sleep as well. Nanay, the wife, specifically requested her favorite colors which are red, green, and yellow. 

Enough of my not-so-short story telling.. here's the reveal.

All the bathroom fixtures and tiles were replaced. Crazy-cut accent tile wall. A custom-made shower curtain. I bought the fabric and added a shower curtain lining on the other side.

Painted their antique cabinet a fresh green color.

I chose a very neutral wall color with yellow undertone to coordinate with their existing flooring. This way, the floors will not look too out of place, and instead, make it seemed like it was part of the design.
Colorful decorative accents all throughout the space.
Placed a sofa bed and a day bed to comfortably sleep two people.

Installed a media niche in lieu of their old unused sink to maximize the area.
Family portraits were hang gallery style (what's new??haha), and we built an upper cupboard over their existing lower cabinets to provide hidden storage. Added faux painted molding on the cabinet doors for some decorative detail.

Refinished and reupholstered their existing dining chairs. (here)
I looove their wedding photo so much that I left it untouched and just place them on the ledge.

Lots of colorful and patterned pillows everywhere.  Also hang bird cages on the corner just because I find it cute. It is cute, right? right. Okay.
Their very own chandelier that is very fitting with the new design. I balanced the color by mainly using yellow (curtain and chairs) and green (rug, cabinet, pillows), and just added accents of red.

I can go pretty crazy with patterns and colors, I just love them! And I'm so glad the homeowners embraced all the changes wholeheartedly. They keep on telling me how they love the space, and how they intended to keep it that way. It totally warms the heart. Nothing beats that fuzzy happy feeling.

With the homeowners...
See, I told you she really loves red, yellow, and green! :)

I miss you Nanay and Tatay!

Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad: Progress

I have a lot of back-logged post about my projects and now that this project is officially done, I want to fast-forward this blog and move right into sharing the after photos! But I'll be a tease and do the usual progress post. Besides, I also love to show you how a project takes shape. Creating a beautiful home does not happen overnight. (Plus, I already took the photos, what in the world would I do with these if not to post it here? haha)


The kitchen "casing" and the closet structure up.

 Upper kitchen kitchen cabinets were taken down to make way for open shelving. Ceilings prepped for light installation.


Kitchen shelves installed. Sliding doors built and primed. Walls painted.

Closet interior built. Most were already painted.

I was checking all the photos of this space earlier, from my first visit, renovation progress, up to the finale. I still can't believe how I was able to transform the space-and I'm saying that in all humbleness. I'm just seriously puzzled. I know that I'm in love with interiors from the get go, but just a year ago, I didn't know that I had it in me to actually do this. I'm thankful that I can actually do well in something I love doing. Does that even make sense? 

Anyway, my client will first see the outcome tomorrow. I'm so anxious!!! I really really hope he likes it. I know I've already said that in my prior post, but that's what matters to me. I can love it all I want, but if the client doesn't, then I failed. (ang drama! haha)

Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad: The Beginning

Twitter is awesome. I've got 2 of my current clients from there. They tweeted about wanting to hire help for their interiors, and some followers tag me to their inquiries. Thank you for tagging! You know who you are. My clients then checked my blog and hired me! Awesome awesome awesome. Thank you. That's how this project began. 

One of the Philippines sought-after young fashion designer asked me to help him with his place. He got his studio unit furnished with these:

Livable, but it lacks style. The place is pretty small, very typical of today's city living. Just enough space to lounge and relax. And that's exactly the peg for this project: Lounge.

To make space for a couch, we'll use it as a dining bench as well. A textured moody wallpaper will be installed on this wall. High headboard with reading lights above. Funky chandelier for some fun touch. 

A 3-door closet, media unit, and shelves will span one wall. Mirrors on cabinet doors will visually expand the space. Three-tone draperies for some graphic element.

One of his request is to hide the kitchen. We'll install a sliding door and hang open shelving above.

In all honesty, this project is almost done. Bad blogger syndrome. Haha... It very much looks like the moodboard above. (Well.. it should be!) I seriously can't wait to decorate this space and share it with you. I really hope that my client will love this space as much as I do.


Room iCandy: Patterns Galore

I was supposed to share a new project I've been doing but my sleepiness is harassing my brain right now, and I can't manage to write anything logical about it. Instead, I'll share this awesome space. Lots of pattern going on in here, and I'm loving it. My jaw dropped when I saw this room and it deserves a spot in this lil blog of mine.  Here's how you mix patterns, colors, and a lot of stuff, and still manage to achieve a very post-worthy room. 

Hmmm.. maybe this sleepiness of mine just gave birth to a new section on this website. =D

HO of the day: Old World

This home office is so busy and overflowing with stuff, yet it has some sense of peace and coziness. It feels like a very private cocoon where ideas are born! This could have been the office of Albert Einstein or those smart guys from old times. Haha.. Loving all the vintage item with those shiny lamps. And yes, I'm wondering about the shoes too.

Real Makeover: The Chaotic final 2 days

If you've seen the Urban Zone ep featuring this makeover, or if you already have a copy of Real Living December issue, then these photos would make much more sense. If you've seen none of those, then all you'll see in this post are chaos and clutter. Haha...

(See the story behind this makeover here)
(the extended storage sans doors and handles)

The final 2 days of this project was fun but ohh soo stressful. We had a deadline since the shoot was already scheduled, so we had to make it work, no matter what. 

(Green repainted cabinet. Mirrors and drawers were on their way in.)

I've been running around getting mirrors, tiles, and whatnots to finish the space.

(furniture: check!)

I've spent 2 entire days helping the workers out just to make it on time. 

(box full of accessories: check!)

And by entire day, I mean until almost midnight. 

(Painted a subtle stripe behind the sofa)

The final day of installation was really fun.

(Black dinette and yellow chairs)

I can now see my vision shaping up.

Hanging the mirror, accessorizing shelves and tables, finally laying the carpet, removing the sofas' plastic covers, plopping the throw pillows in place, and all those other prettifying stuff completed this space.

It still feels surreal that I did a Real Makeover for Real Living Magazine. Really mind-boggling surreal. But whatever destiny is playing up giving me all these opportunities, I AM THANKFUL. 

To see the final look of this makeover, grab a copy of Real Living December issue.

And you can catch a replay of the Urban Zone ep on Dec 9, right after soco.

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