Style+Kitchen: The Beginning

1/26/2012 06:11:00 AM

When you're renting and you hate your kitchen so much, what would you do?
Call me, of course! Haha..

Kidding aside... I know a lot of people were holding back in terms of prettifying their homes because they are renting. Most especially in kitchens where renovation costs a lot. Same goes with my client. (Who by the way, I met on twitter. Thank you twitter friends!) The rest of her house is gorgeous but the kitchen was left in its original state. But she couldn't take anymore of their outdated kitchen. Its very functional, but as far as the looks go.....
Typical all wood kitchen with the very old looking marble counter tops. I think most homes built in the 80's have those. Anyway, since we need to be very cautious with the cost (who would want to spend a ton on a house they do not own?), here's my idea for their kitchen...

We're keeping the cabinetries and the counters. The only thing we're adding/changing are the backsplash, flooring, lighting, and paint. The appliance they can splurge on since they'll be able to bring those with them once they move.

The client specifically wanted neutral colors with some whoaww factor. The whoawwest you can go with a renting budget in mind. 

To make the marble work, the lower black cabinets and upper white cabinets will have some yellow undertones. This way, the marble won't stick out. And luckily for me, I found a budget friendly great looking backsplash tiles with yellow undertone as well. It blended well with the marble.

We'll be putting something on the floors too. The greenish muddish tile won't work with the clean white look.

So that's another project that is actually done except for just minor touch-ups. Yet again with my very delayed post. I for once, would love to blog about a project in real time. That can be one of my 2012 resolution. We'll see... :)

Watch out for the reveal and see if the reality matched-up with that photoshopped version. Haha.. I haven't had the chance to photograph the place so I'm not sure how it compared to the moodboard. But I did follow it very closely with some interesting flooring touch. I'll show you soon!


  1. You're so talented! Just wish you lived closer to mu country, that way I could hire you too! I'm trying to renovate my kitchen on a budget...

  2. Thank you so much Lucia! I'm sure you can do it.. Just do some upgrades on cheaper scale such as paint :)

  3. It does make a big difference when the cabinet doors are painted on. The before pic looks gloomy.

  4. Hi Elle Uy! I'm a frequent visitor of your blog. Great job on the DIY :-)
    Where do you suggest to look for cheap but quality floor tiles?


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