Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad: Very Mini Bathroom Makeover

2/26/2012 05:08:00 AM

After the bathroom post yesterday, I realized I haven't shared this yet. This is in no way comparable to yesterday's makeover since we didn't change anything major here, just some minor spruce-up. 

For this unit, the major reno went into doing the main room (here) and the client just wanted to update this space a bit. We started with this....

All I did was added a shower curtain, changed the mirror, and put up some very affordable (100php) art.

That was it. Told you it was "mini." haha... The point is you can update any room with just minor changes. If you want to go bolder, choose a colorful patterned shower curtain, bright mirror,  and graphic art. Bathrooms should get some attention too.

This reminds me of my very own, very cheap bathroom makeover. If you haven't seen it yet.. click here.


  1. Nice one Elle! Where did you get the affordable paintings? I like it!

  2. The paintings look really fabulous. And they're only Php100 each? Where'd you get them? Please share! :)


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