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2/27/2012 05:56:00 AM

Today, my inbox got a little more exciting when I received a professionally taken photographed of the "after" shot of this project. It is taken by no other than the hubby of my client, THE Tom Epperson. Yay! But that post is for another day. Probably tomorrow. I'm such a tease. hahaha

These are little snapshots of what went on. Of course, all makeover has its chaotic moments that is worth sharing. This is to show you the reality that making over your space takes patience. It doesn't happen overnight. But as always, it's worth it.

See the before photo and moodboard here.

These are the painted cabinets, white for the upper cabinets, and dark charcoal for the lower units.

Here are all the electrical box for their house. You have to watch out for what we did to cover this up. It's not your ordinary closet or artwork cover-up. There's some sort of experimental contraption going on. Watch out for the after photos to understand what I mean. 

Since this is a rental, affordable tiles is a must. That limits the choices for the backsplash. But you got to work with the budget. Splurging for a rental is really not practical especially with tiles since you can't bring them with you. That's where I got lucky. I found this tiles for a reasonable price.
You can see sample of their existing marble on the lower part of this photo. It so happened that this tile with a very cute pattern has the same shade and tone with their existing marble. Jackpot!

Now here they are already installed.
I hate grout lines in backsplash, but that's a great compromise for a reasonably priced tile with a cute pattern. 

Have you seen the "before" of the floors? Here it is now. The diamond pattern resonates that of the backsplash. 
The old muddy greenish mustard color just won't work. And they're so tired of it that it MUST be part of the makeover. To stay on budget, we used linoleum tile instead of the usual, and just manually cut out the diamonds to achieve that look. This floor had met its ups and downs. Having a white linoleum tile means you should have a proper top coat for durability. Searching for the right one is one heck of a ride. They know what I mean. Haha.. But it all worked out and I'm so happy. 

Next post will be the Big Reveal. Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like it is going to be great. It's a shame about the grout lines but that splashback tile is great - such a fantastic graphic pattern!


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