Teenage Dream: Almost there

2/14/2012 05:30:00 AM

Eeeehhh!! This bedroom is almost done! Just a few final touches here and there, and I'll be making one teenager happy. (I hope so!!) By the way, that eeeeehh is my online rendition of shrieking in excitement. Believe me, online is way better than real life. Me shrieking ain't a pretty sight. Haha

So here's the space all painted and freshened up. The chandelier is in there too waiting for her grand reveal.

After fixing up the space, the furniture came in. The old bed stayed but the rest are all new. Here's the custom L-shape vanity slash desk slask storage. Love how the color turned out!

Here's another custom piece: TV stand. Yellow with purple knobs. I'm really thrilled about the new curtains too! I found the perfect shade of teal with that amazing pattern. I'll post a close-up shot on the reveal. I had two sets of curtains made. One is this teal, and the other one is hot pink! This way, you never get tired of the pattern, and look forward to every curtain wash day.

Here you'll see the room coming together. The closet doors was yet to be installed. Think mirrors, mirrors, and mirrors! Yes, all closet doors will have mirrors in them.

Can't wait for reveal day. I had so much fun doing this bedroom. They practically gave me free reign on what to do to the space. They nod and agreed to throwing in all sorts of colors in there -I'm one happy girl.


  1. hello. i've been reading your blog since forever. i love colors too. are those the room owner's portraits on top of the bed ? saan nakakapagpagawa ng ganyan ? ang ganda.

  2. hi. where did you buy the fabric?

  3. i like this very much even not just finished. i know it will turn out very nice :)

  4. the teeny is so lucky! i love the room.. cant wait to see the all set scene. ℒ ♥ѵℯ ★‿★

  5. @Southern Scribler, sila nagpagawa nyan, I think sa eastwood. :)

    @Anonymous, tutuban :)

    Thanks everyone!

  6. nice! where'd you get the chandelier? i've been looking for one!


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