Teenage Dream: New project. The moodboard.

2/05/2012 11:56:00 PM

My bedroom as a teenager was all pink. I got tired of it and painted the walls blue! I thought I was cool and all for hating the girly pinkiness. Haha... I also had a too matchy-matchy furniture. Those cheap mdf ones. None of them survived by the way. 

I was really excited to do this project for this 15 year old. She loves all sorts of color and I just have to use them all. You're only young once, so go crazy with colors until the time you can't pull it off. Haha

This is the very blank bedroom she had. The room is pretty big but it doesn't have much to it. We're keeping the bed but that was it.

Here's the plan. 
They wanted a very neutral wall so we're going with a very pale grayish blue.  But everything else will have color. :) A custom side table and an L-shape table as a vanity and work desk. Since we're keeping the bed, we need to have a dose of black throughout the space. A very bold graphic drapery will complete the whole look.

This is the other side of the room.

They wanted a sofa bed somewhere so we'll place it by the window. Again, colors everywhere! 

If I could recreate my bedroom as a teen. I would do it exactly like this. :) 


  1. I love what you've got planned for this space! I'm 30 now and still have the color bug, so it's right up my alley.

  2. You have an awesome sense of style. Very modern and chic. I love the fact that it's simple yet it has a touch of class.

  3. Hello! :) maybe your client might want to sell her "old" glass table ? - the one with her computer and office stuff :) please let me know. - che


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