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4/04/2012 07:25:00 AM

This project is quite special. I'm doing children's room! Room for two boys and another one for a girl.
My client decided its about time to renovate since they're expecting a baby girl. She can't stay with the boys, so their office will be converted to a nursery. But of course, the boys got to have a brand new room as well! :)

Here's the boys room before:

The plan
interior design mood board, boys room
Since the space is small, a bunk bed is the best options for the two boys. Lots of storage is a must as well so under the bed drawers and dressers will be built.

Other side of the room:
We'll be putting a desk for two. The color scheme is gray, deep blue, with orange accents. We wanted it to be kid friendly but not too childish- a room that can grow with them. 

The other room we're doing is their office that we'll turn into a nursery.
interior design mood board, girls room

Here's the plan:
The client wanted a real bed for the long haul. They'll be temporarily placing a small crib somewhere for now. So this project is more of little girl's bedroom rather than a nursery.

The other side
I saw a great paisley fabric with pink and lime accent. It will look gorgeous as drapes in this bedroom. The closet doors will have a painted faux molding to give them a little detail. Pale aqua walls, pink, white, lime, and gray accents. This will be cute!

Be posting progress soon. 


  1. I can't wait to see the after photos. :) I love your fearless color infusion in the rooms you design! Post the photos soon!

  2. I love the combination of aqua and pink! Now I want to repaint our walls which we just did last week. :)


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