All about the Kids: Progress

5/02/2012 01:37:00 AM

The kids' rooms are almost done, and I'm excited to finally shoot my first rooms for the little ones. As they say, you'll never forget your first. haha.. But seriously, I'm all about color and a kid's room is the best place for it. So yeah you can say everything will have some color in it.

Here are some of progress that went on.

Boys' room

Some paint, new airconditioner ducting, and a lot of mess.

All painted and all clear to move-in some stuff. Not colorful YET.

And finally, the customized furniture are in. Now that is the color I'm talking about. :)
The next step would be adding more life to that room. Chairs, shades, mattress, beddings, shelves, and some accessories. 

Girl's room

Aqua blue walls, pale grey ceiling, and again, the mess.

Pink doors are here! 

And yes, the bed is pink too.
But it's not all pink and blue, we'll have some lime, turquoise, a little white and black over here and there. 

In the next post update about this project, you'll see what I'm talking about. Hopefully it will look really close to the moodboards I made. 


  1. Hi, can I request the name of the supplier for the custom made desk and bunk bed? thanks!

  2. hello.. had it made by my contractor who did the space. :)


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