HO of the day: Closet-no-more

This closet space turned office is gorgeous! You can see the remnant of the old closet with that upper shelf and rod holder, but now, they seemed to really make sense with the space. The shelf adds storage above, and it kinda makes this space cozier. Love the collection of vintage photos in black frames, and the decorative cow, vase, and lamp completed the space.

See before and a whole lot more after photos of this office at Double-Wide in the Sky.

Style+Kitchen: The Beginning

When you're renting and you hate your kitchen so much, what would you do?
Call me, of course! Haha..

Kidding aside... I know a lot of people were holding back in terms of prettifying their homes because they are renting. Most especially in kitchens where renovation costs a lot. Same goes with my client. (Who by the way, I met on twitter. Thank you twitter friends!) The rest of her house is gorgeous but the kitchen was left in its original state. But she couldn't take anymore of their outdated kitchen. Its very functional, but as far as the looks go.....
Typical all wood kitchen with the very old looking marble counter tops. I think most homes built in the 80's have those. Anyway, since we need to be very cautious with the cost (who would want to spend a ton on a house they do not own?), here's my idea for their kitchen...

We're keeping the cabinetries and the counters. The only thing we're adding/changing are the backsplash, flooring, lighting, and paint. The appliance they can splurge on since they'll be able to bring those with them once they move.

The client specifically wanted neutral colors with some whoaww factor. The whoawwest you can go with a renting budget in mind. 

To make the marble work, the lower black cabinets and upper white cabinets will have some yellow undertones. This way, the marble won't stick out. And luckily for me, I found a budget friendly great looking backsplash tiles with yellow undertone as well. It blended well with the marble.

We'll be putting something on the floors too. The greenish muddish tile won't work with the clean white look.

So that's another project that is actually done except for just minor touch-ups. Yet again with my very delayed post. I for once, would love to blog about a project in real time. That can be one of my 2012 resolution. We'll see... :)

Watch out for the reveal and see if the reality matched-up with that photoshopped version. Haha.. I haven't had the chance to photograph the place so I'm not sure how it compared to the moodboard. But I did follow it very closely with some interesting flooring touch. I'll show you soon!

My Bedroom Corner

I've mentioned a little while back that I once again redecorated my bedroom. If you can even consider total repaint and furniture change, redecorate? Fine, it's another overhaul. I'm unstoppable. Haha.. Three bedroom makeover in just a year is crazy. Or as Rachel Zoe would say.. "cray cray" Haha.. 

I'm not yet ready to show the reveal since it's still a mess. Painting and all furniture are in, but there's still no curtains, no wall arts, and my floor still serves as storage to some of my stuff.

Only one corner is done, and its not even a full corner, just a little table top vignette that I could stare at when all the chaos is messing with my head. 

Old photo of my parents.

I'm not really into fake flowers, but what can I say, they are pretty! And 70% off..  Who am I to say no?

Not much, I know. But I think I'm onto a good start! Hope I follow through. The vase is on sale for 200 Php. Add to that some old spray painted gold frames, and a few books, and here's one calm corner to all this mess. 

I'll be showing some before and afters of my refurbished furniture soon.
Goodnight! :)

Room iCandy: Bright Mash-up

Drooling over that giant gold frame. It's fun to use colorful frame mats in lieu of the traditional white ones. That deep teal accent had me at hello. (aka had me at google image search..haha) 

The combination of the geometric rug pattern and the somewhat chinoiserie bedding might not make any sense but it works! Colorful accessories in a white room never fails to catch my attention. It just pops!

Say hello to this gorgeousness... 

Exposed brick walls

I love white painted brick walls! In fact, I have used a faux white brick wall in Food Stylist's Office, and I'm using yet another painted white bricks for the lanai of one of my current clients.

But there's something so charming about untouched bricks as well. Its natural color is so warm and raw that it gives any space a welcoming vibe. 

Here are some of my favorite spaces with exposed bricks...

Casual Glam


Bachelor's Pad

Industrial Chic





You can see that bricks are so versatile and can work well with any type of design. Even though its color is a bit imposing, it actually blends in and amped up the cozy factor in any space. If you have them in your home now, flaunt them.

Enough of brick talk, I'm now signing off to finish about 108,000 on my to-do list tonight. Good night to you and good luck to me. 

Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad: BIG REVEAL

I'm really excited about this makeover simply because it's not my typical ultra feminine and colorful design. Don't get me wrong, I sooo love doing those, and would probably be doing a lot of those kinds of look, but this project gave me a chance to experiment and show some versatility in my design. 

The client specifically requested for a bit of masculine space in neutral colors with a hotel vibe. His everyday work life is colorful as it is, so he wanted a space where he can just unwind at the end of the day. Here are the moodboards I came up with...

Read about how this project began here.

I'm so thankful because my client gave me the freedom to do whatever I want with just his request in mind. He only visited twice the whole duration of the project, which means he didn't see a gradual progress. It's a big reveal moment for him too. The space was done December 16, and he got to see it the next day. I was so anxious the whole day waiting for the moment he'd see the finished space for the first time. At around 11 pm, he texted me "Sis, can I call?"

My head is going crazy then thinking.. why? Is there anything wrong? Doesn't he like it?

Then he called.

"I'd just like to personally thank you. I really love it........"


We talked and he told me how much he like the space and that it exceeded his expectations. That's one of the best thing a client can tell me. Happiness!

So without further ado, here's the Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad.

I am in love with this wallpaper. It's from Veneciano. It gave the space the visual impact it needed. Texture galore!

Since this is a very small studio, I combined the sofa with the dining table. The client really wanted a sofa so this is the way to go. 

Extra high headboard to visually define the sleeping area. Added a gallery light above the bed to act as reading light. 

Even the lampshade got some texture.

Since this unit lacks storage, we used one wall for cabinetries, media unit, and display shelves.

Look at the chandelier, its gorgeous! 

The first thing the client requested was the option to hide the kitchen. We enclosed it with sliding doors. But the kitchen is one of my favorite in this space that I wanted it to be open all the time. Haha 

The closed kitchen.

We removed the upper kitchen cabinets and replaced it with open shelves. The lower cabinets were treated with ducco varnish to match the shelves.

Loving all those textures in the kitchen nook.

The shelves.

I heart this table so much.

Took different shades from the wallpaper and used it in this three-toned drapery.

Mirrors never fail to brighten and illuminate a space.

There you have it, the more neutral and masculine side of me. I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again.. I'm still always in shock at the end of a project that all those came from this weird mind of mine. Especially with this project since this is a new look for me. Please excuse me, I'm just having a little moment here.

I'd like to say thank you to my client for trusting me. I'm so blessed.

P.S. This is my new camera's debut as well. Wider angle and crisper photos. LOVE.

HO of the day: Down to earth

My blogging for this new year is not off to a good start! Only the third post in almost two weeks is horrible. Totally unacceptable. Yep, that's what I'm telling myself now. Elle, please step up your game!

Anyway, if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that my bedroom have yet undergone another makeover. When will I stop? Haha... At least I'll be sharing another personal project after a long while of just posting work for my clients. It's about time my own space gets done. I owe it to the universe. It's not right to be out there decorating and prettifying someone else's space, and then going home to a crappy one. Oh, I'll be posting the Big Reveal of Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad tomorrow! Watch out for that. Okay, enough of the chit chat and let's talk about this HO.

Another great example on how to turn a small area in your home into a beautiful office. Loving the brown elements in here, the desk, and that chair! The texture on that leather chair is so earthy and warm. You just have to sit still and not brush your arm on that cactus. Haha

Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad: Almost done

I'm dying to show the big reveal of this space. This is sooo opposite my usual route - AND I LOVE IT! The project shows that this girl got range. Haha...

Before I go on with my usual non-stop blabber about the big reveal which is obviously not this post (see TITLE!), I'll get straight to the point. Here are the photos of the almost done space. 

Kitchen open shelves

Accent wall

Three-toned draperies

Enclosed kitchen

Closet with mirrored doors

Since everything is so neutral, I added lots of patterns and textures to give richness and warmth to the space. If you're not into colors, this is the way to go.

Big reveal very very soon --introducing the very much improved photos courtesy of my brand new cam (LX5). Hahaha.. I'm bidding goodbye to grain, noise, and tiny angle shots. Hooray to me. So two reveals then, one for the space, and one for the better pictures. Haha 

HO of the day: Golden

The colors in here are beyond fabulous. The owner of this office loves her gold and definitely knows how to use them. I'm inspired!

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