HO of the Day: Jungle Belle

Hello Walls, 

It was love at first sight. The moment I saw you I knew I'd like to get my hands on you, caress you, and stare at you all day. What I would give to have you in my life. You posses this strong characteristic, but you're all too charming as well. One day, I'm going to have you. Wait for me.

P.S. Green looks good on you.


Before and After Carrie Edition

I'm a cliche when it comes to tv series. I love Friends. Who doesn't? And to those who haven't seen them yet.. please do yourself a favor and go watch. HAHA... And cliche of all cliches for lady's fave tv series.. Sex and the City. I love them. If you're like me who watched the series and the movies, you all know that Carrie renovated her apartment as seen in the movies. So here goes the before and after.

The new space is beautiful and very well decorated, but I'm kinda partial to her old place. Maybe because of the memories? Memories daw? Feeling close? haha

Who would forget this doorway where Carrie and Big kissed countless of times?
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

Or that chair where Aidan sat patiently, looking all cute while Carrie closed the curtains so she can be "alone" for a while...
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

Or this bed where she had slept with lots of men. Told you I'm partial to this space. It's warm, cozy, and  well, just very lived in.
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

But this whole new apartment is so gorgeous! I can't imagine Aidan sitting in that chair, but I can imagine me lounging in it! Ha!
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

The vibrant blue walls is just to die for. It gives so much energy to the space. 
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

This apartment would still look great in a paler subdued hue, but this color provides great contrast and everything just pops!
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

Hello mirrored vanity! Hello Carrie!
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

I'd probably have a really comfy deep sofa in here, but this new space is all about being pretty. And this settees are really pretty.
sex and the city apartment, carrie bradshaw apartment

Love the series. Love the women. Love their apartments. But I guess the reason I love their spaces is because their personality really reflects their apartments. The old Carrie apartment is very true to her casual care-free lifestyle, and the movie apartment is her I've-matured-I'm-getting-married apartment.

The point is your house should be you. If you're married or living with someone, your space should be both of you. Your place should inspire you. So go, paint your walls, rearrange your furniture, go ahead and hang that frame. Do whatever you can, within your means, to be happy in your home. 

Project Pink: The Walk-in Closet

If any girl says she doesn't want a walk-in closet, there's a good chance she's lying. Some may not need it, but it's fun to have one entire room dedicated to clothes, shoes, fashion. If you can have one, then go spruce it up. Like this project I did. 

It's a nice size spare bedroom turned walk-in closet. But since it's originally a bedroom, there's only one built-in cabinet and not much other storage space. Most of her shoes and clothes are on racks.
chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet

chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet

Fast-forward, here's how her walk-in closet looks like now. This is not the official "after" shots since I'd love to share this room with all the knick-knacks in there. I'll share as soon as I have the photos! :)

We maximized the storage by filling two blank walls with storage. Shelves, hanging rods, and drawers. Gray everything with the backing painted pink. With everything in place, there'll just be hints of pink which will be perfect.
chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet

We kept the existing cabinets and just painted it gray to tie in to the new look of the room. We filled every nooks and crannies with shelves, like the one on the right in the photo below. No wasted space.
chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet

All walk-in closets need giant mirrors, but we can't afford to lose valuable space by doing the typical free-standing, or leaning mirror, so we mounted one to a sliding door.
chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet
She wanted to display her shoes so instead of totally closing off the shelves, we just did just one door to slide left or right depending on which side she wanted out in the open.

Hello there! hahaha.. My version of the mirror pose. 
chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet

And this cute little chandy from, no other than CW Home Depot (Ortigas). 
chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet
Love the cutout detail, chic but modern. 

Will totally go back for the proper after pictures. I'll probably drool over all the shoes and dress, but I can handle it. 

House of DuoDeco: Showroom Progress + Striped Facade

Since the last progress post is all about the upstairs (office & bedroom) and bathroom, here is an update on the space you'll see when you visit us, the showroom. We've come a long way but we still have a week or two to go before we can finally say "Tada!" 

Here's what it looks like the first time we set foot inside...

This is where we are now. 
We removed the division to open up the space. The remaining wall covers the stairs and was painted in accent chalkboard paint. I'll use that wall to practice what I've learned from college.

The other side of the space which used to be the dining/kitchen... 

here it is now...
All the built-ins were removed to provide more square footage to display items. Walls and ceilings  were painted white, and blue for the stair rails. The floors will eventually be white as well with some sort of geometric black pattern which I've yet to figure out.

The kitchen before...

We semi-closed off the kitchen area. We wanted it separate from the showroom, but still open since airconditioning will be from that side. The plan is to keep that kitchen spic and span and cute and presentable. Hope we can stick with it. haha

The old kitchen upper cabinets were replaced by the paneled cabinets from the dining area. We're still on the fence on what to do with the glass panel.. do we frost it? put pattern paper behind it? or keep it as it is and have the whole world see all our delatas and such. I want this kitchen to be functional, so no, I won't be putting just nice looking dinnerware in there. In fact, our plates would be hiding below so that cabinet above will be the pantry. We'll see.

Here's my favorite change that happened this week. The facade was painted black and white!
Hello there handsome... haha.. I smile whenever I pass by the street.. I even slow down a little just to take a longer glimpse of our facade. Crazy excited me.

We're getting closer and closer to the reality which is DuoDeco. Someone slap me and wake me up, everything went by so fast and not much planning was done. It feels like a dream. Hopefully I wake up to a really nice reality. Stay tuned! :) 

HO of the Day: Pinky Pop

I love the very airy pop of pink desk. That style of desk would look great in small spaces since it doesn't cover much visual space. And as always, gray and pink is a good-looking couple. 


I don't usually say OMG, but OMG!!! 

So it was the usual 5am-ish around here. The TV was on. I'm on the net browsing through facebook news feed when I saw this...

Of couse I checked it out. I'm always on the lookout for tips on interior styling. There I was clicking one link at a time and reading each article/blog as I go....

Imagine my surprise when I clicked the sixth link and it goes to my blog, this blog!

No one's awake so I can't share my excitement to anyone right now, so here I am writing this post at 5:21am. Wow. I have no idea they are aware that this blog exist, let alone be included in that round-up. Yay!

So that was it. My very early morning surprise. :)

Click here to go to the Apartment Therapy article, and here's the link to the Crossings shoot I did.

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