More than a Starter Home: Big Reveal Part 1

2/23/2013 11:01:00 PM

Since this is a whole house makeover, will be splitting the reveal in two posts. This first part is the ground floor which is their living / dining / kitchen space plus a powder room. This project was done months ago, and I'm so happy I already got the chance to photographed the space. It turned out soooo cute, and happy, and bright. 

To see the initial story and moodboard for this space, read here. It's an old townhouse that's in dire need of a redo, and a kitchen. More on that later. 

And the after! Tadaa! Haha... So psyched with how this space turned out. Truly. The ground floor is mainly for the wife hence the feminine factor of the space. But don't fret, the husband got an entire room on the 3rd floor as his man cave. :)

We moved the door (the now teal door!) to the center of the space for better flow and as their feng shui advisor suggested, which turned out to be very good move. There's now a defined living and dining space in this small area. 

I'm in love with the sofa they had custom-made. That creamy yellow is the perfect punch of color in this room. 

Look at this tufting, yummy! haha

The biggest issue in this house is the kitchen, or the lack of it. No space for a fridge, no space for a stove. What's up with that? 

To make way for a more functional kitchen, the unused "open" area on the right was opened up to the space to have one long galley style kitchen.

The counter was added to separate the kitchen from the rest of the space but still have the feel of openness.  

The counter was made from bleached wood for added visual texture. A white granite counter would have worked too, but I love how the wood adds warmth and homeyness to the space.

Now, a proper cooking area to prep their meals. A few square foot made so much difference. 

The other side....

The tv/buffet table is precious. That, together with the dining set were also custom made for them. 
The stairs step and handrail were both stripped and coated with a lighter finish to match the counter.
Detail shot. And look at those hot sauce collection, cute! We made a very shallow display shelf to showcase them.

Hi gorgeous piece of furniture! I love you.

Cut-out design dining set.

The details in this mirror is amazing. Love the beachy vibe it adds to the space that compliments all the bleached wood going on.

The overall feel is calm yet fun and cheery. The walls are two shades of bluish gray which is the perfect backdrop for all the colors and textures. I'm in love with the space. Really I am.

The previously cramped full bathroom...

is now a spacious powder room.

They have two other bathroom upstairs so no need for a full one here. We installed a board and batten treatment below and a wallpaper on the upper wall which gives the same vibe with the rest of the space on the ground floor. 
Oh we even matched the door details with the cabinet door in the powder room. :)

That sums up part 1 of this reveal. The first floor of this townhouse that this newlyweds can enjoy. See you in part 2 -hallways, master bedroom, guest bedroom, man cave.

Til then!


  1. The space is beautiful!! Love the couch and that tufted chair! Can't wait to see the rest of the space :)

  2. Amazing :) You really have a way of transforming rooms! When I purchase my home, I will have you as my interior designer :)

  3. I love it, too!!! I'm going to make this an inspiration hahaha

  4. Jaw dropping.. great transformation..!

    Every time I visit your page makes me wanna own a property in just an instant.

    Keep inspiring.

  5. I can't decide what I love most about this makeover - the statement furniture, the fun textures, and that awesome awesome kitchen. You really made the small space work! Seriously, you are my design hero. :D

  6. Forgot to ask - where did you get the lucite bar stools?

  7. Hey thanks everyone. Really appreciate your comments! :)

    @Lauren, from dimensione. :)

  8. Hi where did you get the floating wine rack?

  9. What a nice nice space! So cozy and so vibrant! Would definitely love waking up to see this. I think I'll be getting you as my designer as soon as I get my own place soon. What are your rates so I can save up now pa lang? Hehehe

  10. Love love the new look! You never cease to amaze me, Elle! :)

  11. love the ghost bar stool, where did you get those?

  12. Hi Elle! I have been a fan of your works since the day I stumbled upon your blog. I really like the frames you use. Where do you get them?

  13. @anonymous my client bought the wine rack and frames. But I think they are from ikea. The bar stool is from dimensione.
    Email me for rates. :)

    @Michelle thank you so much! :)

  14. Beautiful! great transformation!


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