Project Mad Men: Before and Progress

2/18/2013 07:12:00 AM

It's been quite some time since my last new project introduction. But there's a few in the works and I'll be showing them promise. So let's start with Project Mad Men shall we?

But first, why Mad Men you ask? Well it's the inspiration for this project. That series set in the 60's that's full of vintage testosterone. Haha...I don't watch the show, but I saw the set and it's character filled. We're taking the woody, moody feel of that set but take in into modern times. 

This space will be turned into an intimate office. It's been unused for a couple of years so it really needs major updating. But the catch is, we need to do it stat. Like in just 3 weeks. Furnished. Challenge accepted. 

Since it's a fast track project, nothing major will be constructed. It will be mostly paint, repairs, furnishings and accessories. To set the mood, the posts, beams, and ceilings were painted a dark taupy brown shade. Main walls were a lighter shade of that. Both lounge areas were painted the a full dark shade- walls, ceilings, and all.  

Since no drop-down ceiling can be constructed, we need to just simply install ceiling mounted ones. But of course they had to be really nice and give a lot of light for practicality.

The bathroom was in bad shape, really old fixtures with a bad bad color. But can't change them yet, so we just have to work with it.

To un-highlight the bad fixtures, we painted some stripe on the walls. This way, that's the first thing you see when you go in the bathroom.
Photo from instagram. Excuse my presence. Haha

This space will be the conference area.

Now in the same moody hue. 

Artworks up. Curtains installed. Furniture in.

The kitchen is the standard condo issue.... years ago. 

And see what a few coats of paint can do.

Three weeks is almost up and today is finishing day. All of those disarray furniture will make sense today. Yay! Until then, I leave you with this photo of the super nice chesterfield sofa in a very very nice looking leather.
Covered in curtain that is! Told you, disarray. Haha.. That will change later.


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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