Project Industrial Chic

4/26/2013 01:46:00 AM

I have some finished projects that have yet to grace this blog. By some I mean five. And other four that you've seen but still awaiting its final reveal. But lets do it one at time okay? This is just a one person company and by company I mean my income generating hobby. Lucky me. 

So lets cut the chase and let me introduce the one of five yet-to-post project. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen some sneak peek of this space. I call it "Project Industrial Chic" since there'll be some industrial elements here and there. But its mostly chic, understated chic that is. Nothing too frilly or girly, just a casual homey fun space.

(Not sure what they're looking at but I was sure tempted to ask. Haha) 

One wall that goes way up in this loft unit will have white washed bricks installed. We're going for something a little raw and rough around the edges that will give character to the space. 
We're replacing the tile floors into a beautiful wood looking vinyl planks. The walls will be milky white. The perfect background for our greens, oranges, and pink furnishings and accessories.  

A big black wrought-iron chandelier will fill this high-ceiling spot that goes up to the loft upstairs. New beams will be installed that will house different mood lighting.
Oh yes we're painting the main door green!

This little nook will serve as their banquet style dining space-- orange tufted seats, black dome lights and all. We'll have some display shelves built on the left wall. (not scene from this angle).

When I'm doing a perfectly new kitchen but in a not so chic finishes, I usually make it a point to just use the existing cabinetries and just refinish it or add some sort of detail to it. Such a waste to replace it, but we can't just leave it as is.

We'll be adding a backsplash tile, cabinet door trim, and repaint the entire thing. 

On the loft upstairs, we're replacing the existing railings with some patterned wood work to enclose the space a bit and give the bed a nice backdrop. We're using their existing bed and just add a simple graphic bedding.

So that's the direction this space is going. It feels a lot more grounded than my usual girly space, but there's still a sense of femininity in it. Hello oranges and pink! I love how this client gave me free reign in designing this space. She just told me her style preference, and that's about it. She fully trusted the design process and just visited the site probably twice since we started. Haha.. We're doing accessorizing now, and will be done very soon. Super excited!

By the way, I love doing moodboard from before photos of blank spaces. I can just add all the finishes, furniture, and accessories directly into the photo and I can show the client almost exactly how it will look like. A lot easier to than doing everything from scratch. Haha.. 

So stay tuned for all the other projects I'll be sharing here.


  1. Looks fabulous as always! What program do you use for your rendering if you don't mind me asking?

  2. what app/software do you use for your moodboards? i love this concept, btw :) great work

  3. Hey Rachelle and KT.. I use photoshop :)

  4. Hi elle! Pls pls pls share to us where to buy those white washed bricks and wrought iron chandelier?i love them so much! Im a fan of yours.

    1. Thank you!! The bricks are ordinary bricks that we white washed using latex paint. The chandelier is something we bought second hand and had updated. :)


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