Project Industrial Chic: Progress

5/09/2013 08:27:00 PM

Since I'm a bad blogger and this post is not real time, the progress is more of a finishing stage look. Of course I have the chaotic construction part, but really that's no fun to write about. All you see is pile of materials and what seems like a scene from some ruins that doesn't make sense. Haha...

You can see the "before" and all the moodboard here.
Here's where we at a month ago.

The standard laminate kitchen cabinets were given a frame and painted pale green to compliment the new backsplash tile.

Shelves were built in the nook in the dining area. Had a custom table built to fit the tight space.

It's still a bit chaotic in here but you can see the white washed brick wall, and the shelves in full effect.

Dining and kitchen view. We also change the entire flooring to vinyl planks. I love it, it has the texture of real wood and the color is perfect. Not too brown, not too gray, not too dark, not too light. Perfect. 

We hang a black wrought iron chandelier in the high-ceiling area.  It needed something big to command attention yet blends well with the look of the space. Wrought iron chandelier = industrial chic. :)

Simple additions like this faux beam can really customized the look of your space. This also allowed us to add mood lightings.

Changed out the railing to this geometric pattern and painted the walls pale blue.

See, almost there. But in reality, all furniture are in place, frames are hung, pillows toss here and there. But it still needs more items to make it more like a home. Books and accessories are up next then we're into the big reveal -- which is my favorite part. Of course.


  1. That's a great color for the walls, i love the contrast with the white skirting boards as well!

  2. does the paint over laminated board last long? Hindi ba siya nagpe-peel off eventually?

  3. @Pete.. I love a good crisp white trim with colored walls.

    @anonymous preparation is the key. the laminate should be sanded really well and apply a primer before the final coat.

  4. Hi elle, what does your faux beam made of? Was it just a plain plywood, or cement board? Then wood stained it? and Can i install those beams under metal furring ceiling? And can i install vynil planks over an existing ceramic tile? I would be very grateful if you could help me. :) thanks

    1. Hi Leska.. that faux bean is made of plywood and stained lang. You need to confirm with your contractor if your ceiling can carry the weight of the beam. Though ideally, better to install direct on concrete ceiling like what we did here. Haven't tried installing vinyl planks directly on tile.. but maybe that's possible if the tile is very solidly installed and the surface is really flat. But again, please consult your contractor first. :) They can best assess since they can check status of existing materials. Good luck! :)


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