Modern Parisian Apartment: New Project

6/17/2013 11:06:00 PM

There's always a tinge of excitement whenever a new project begins. But this one is more on over-the-top excitement. I'll tell you why. First, the client is really nice and she knows exactly what she wants. I'm in love with her vision - a clean black and white look with a touch of parisian glam with some hints of blues and pastels. It's a restrained version of my typical girly aesthetic. Second, we are working with her talented architect cousin whom I'm learning a lot of technical stuff from, and is equally nice as well. Third, most of our meetings turned into a eat out chikahan session! FUN.

So here's the unit we're renovating. It's a dated condo apartment with your typical old finishes. It definitely had seen better days. And better it will be.

You won't recognized any of it once we're done since everything will be replaced and we're playing with the floor plan as well.

Here's the existing floor plan from the admin. Two small bedrooms, one gigantic maids room, and a so-so living / dining space.

This will be the new layout of the space. It's a collaboration between the client, cousin architect, and me. But the floor plan of course, is courtesy of Arch. J. :)

We will combine the two bedrooms into one master suite complete with a walk-in closet. A much bigger living/dining area (by moving the wall further into the bedroom and replacing a full wall with a kitchen bar), a smaller foyer, and a home office space is added. This layout is much more open, airy, and perfect as a bachelorette pad.

Here are some inspiration for the space.

Accent damask wallpaper.

All white wall, wood floors, black furnishing.

Streamlined curtains.

White kitchen cabinets with black counter.

Diamond tufted headboard with accent blues here and there.

Built-in shelves in the office.

Natural wood dining table, black chairs, and black drop light.

It will definitely have more color infused through pillows, artwork, gallery walls, and accent pieces, with a touch of gold frames, lamps, and such. I'll be sharing the moodboard next, with some rundown of stuff we're buying for the place. I really wish I could jump into decorating stage right now, but it is still in the ever stressful construction phase. We're eyeing to be done by mid-july. Fingers-crossed. So looking forward to that. :)


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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