The Clubhouse: Project Reveal

6/28/2013 05:15:00 AM

I did this a while back and had just got the chance to photograph the place when I went there a couple of weeks ago. Though I was not prepared (quite obvious with the photo quality!) since I went there to pick something up and realized I don't have any pictures of the place yet. So I grabbed my phone and snap these up, customers and all. :) Hopefully, I could photograph this properly with an actual cam + sunlight! But since that hasn't happened yet, this will do for now.

The Clubhouse is a resto in Robinsons Magnolia that serves hearty comfort food, cakes, and all those things that would make you happy. The concept of space is industrial meets rustic meets happy chic.

I don't want to overdo each style (industrial / rustic / happy chic) and make it too theme-y, so we just injected a fair amount of each style to compliment each other.

We have the bricks, blacks, wood, and some metals for the industrial...

reclaimed wood communal tables, cognac leather, white-washed technique, and imperfect teal washed bar for the rustic element...

and a fun accent wallpaper, colorful elements here & there for happy chic.

Those gigantic drop lights are just a typical oversized aluminum light that we spray painted black.

Random open shelves on one wall to hold accessories and tableware.

The clients love the idea of painting oversized numbers on the table top in lieu of your typical resto numbering system. I love it. Typography is great as art especially in unexpected area. I need to do it more often. And of course, gallery wall. Not at all expected from me. Haha. 

We used different shades of wood for the tables, chairs, bar counters, and even the frames. Yes, you can actually do that. It adds depth to the space. Using all same shade of wood will look a little flat.

The Clubhouse is one cozy place to eat, if I can say so myself. :)

Oh, by the way, they just recently added these awesome stickers! Super cute!! (photo from their facebook page)

Visit them at Robinsons Magnolia, now na! Check out their facebook page to see all their food offerings. Happy eating!


  1. You're amazing! I had no idea those three themes could work together so well.

  2. So beautiful Ms. Elle! I love all your designs! They are my inspiration! As in, every single thing! I'm your fan!



  3. Thanks Katrina and Mommy Tine! :) Yes you could mix different styles, I'll try to do a post about it soon.


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