Modern Parisian Apartment: The Moodboard

7/14/2013 10:33:00 PM

Do you remember this apartment?

With this brand new floor plan.

Inspired by all these spaces?

Well, this is the moodboard I came up with. The idea really is to have a simplistic approach to Parisian apartments. Infused with charm and character but with more clean modern lines. The client loves black and white and she wanted it predominantly that way. So I just added some golds, natural woods, little pink, and blues. Subtle, but just to give more depth and life to the space. Black and white is totally fine, but a little color and texture goes a long long way.

To make more sense out of the mood boards, refer to the floor plan above.


First things first, she wanted to display her bags and shoes, so a display storage is right in one corner. Number two request is a really high bed with equally high black headboard. If you check out the floor plan, you see that behind the bed is the walk-in closet, but I don't want any visible doors. Instead, we opted for sliding door with mirrors in it. The left side opens up to the closet, while the right one is fixed to give more storage space behind it. In lieu of traditional lamps, I went with a corner chandelier for that parisian feel.


Right outside the bedroom is the living/dining room. The bedroom will only be separated with sliding glass doors for a more open feel. (Curtains will be installed for privacy if needed) To the left is the dining space, wood table with black chairs and cute hat pendant lights. She really love that light so it's a must to be in this space! :) Gallery walls with white, wood, and gold frames to the side of the dining area. Deep black sofa complimented with these so luscious looking tufted lounge chairs. Since it's quite a limited space, we opted for a clear center table. Natural fiber rug for added texture.


On the other side of the living/dining, is the kitchen and office, separated by a small storage room. She also love damask print so we wrap around a wallpaper around that wall, one kitchen wall, and one office wall. It would look like some sort of box with a pretty pattern. The kitchen backsplash will be a blue glass board, with a little bar area in there. At the back of the office is a built-in bookshelves with storage underneath. Simple glass table and blue office chair to complete the look. 

We're on the last stretch of this project and I couldn't be more happier in how it's taking shape. Totally different from where it started. Also, kudos and big thank you to the client and her cousin for being totally hands-on! They choose, purchase, many stuff just guided by this little plan of mine. :)

By the way, this is going to be one crazy week for me, finishing up 4 projects and I don't even know where to start. Literally, 2 of those haven't started yet!!! One of those super rush request that I couldn't say no to. :) It might be one of the most stressful, busiest week in this short decorating career (hobby) of mine. But hopefully, this will also be one of the most fulfilling week ever. FINGERS. CROSSED.


  1. Dining room is looking fabulous and these furniture pieces inspired me a lot because these are not so heavy and we can move them easily anywhere in house.

  2. @Chami Yay!! :)

    @Rony thank you!

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