Modern Parisian Apartment: Simple Office Chair Redo

7/27/2013 10:07:00 PM

I sometimes put on things on my moodboards without even knowing where to get it. It's just that I wanted to have a certain look and I'll try to get it no matter what.

For instance, for the home office on the left....
I included a turquoise office chair for that pop of color in that area. No idea where to get that one. Haha... And even if I found an exact chair, it might not be within client's budget.

So simple solution is to purchase any ordinary office chair which shape I like. This one has a high-back for comfortability, but has a slim profile. Perfect. 

Off I went to the upholsterer and picked the perfect color. I have gone through a lot of swatches without finding the turquoise I wanted, it's either too blue or too green. But finally.... 

A day after, I got this.

So happy with how it turned out. A very affordable alternative with a custom look. Love the color, love the shape.. and I love the wallpaper!
If you're looking for a certain look for a piece of furniture, don't be confined to what is available, you can always alter. Paint and reupholster your way to your dream home. :)

This apartment is almost done, all furniture are in, and we've already installed frame gallery and artwork! I'll be shooting this home next week. Stay tune!


  1. ang ganda ng outcome as always! you really have a good taste! :) btw, do you know some stores that give interior students some swatches like that? (kahit fabric or flooring) :((

  2. Thank you! Sorry wala akong alam... I don't even have those swatches. It's the upholsterer's :)


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