My Week in Review + the 3-Day Office Renovation

7/23/2013 01:44:00 AM

So what's so special about this week that I decided to write a post about it? Well it's just one of the craziest busiest week I had in this short decorating hobby of mine. Yes, I call my work a hobby since it really just started as one, and I don't want it to feel like work. Do something you love and you'll never work the rest of your life... or something like that. Haha...

Anyway, I have some sort of ADD as per the bf, so I literally had to list down all the things I have to do this week on a day and time basis just so I can pull this off. Or else I'll go crazy and will forget everything and just go hide until the week is over. 

Well this week is over and I'm so happy to announce that I didn't hide anywhere. :)

The reason for the crazy week is that I had to finish three projects, in which one of those haven't started yet. Yes.

Late last week, I saw this office. Late this week, I finished this office. Welcome to the 3-day office renovation.
We had to remove the shelves, some divider, put new flooring, paint everything, hang new lights, redo the bathroom, and furnish this place all in one week. I keep thinking to myself, I can do this. I can do this.

All the while, I had to check in at Modern Parisian Apartment on the progress, deliver lights, buy artwork, tables, etc.

Also went to More than a Starter Home since Real Living shot it for their September issue. (YAY!)
Here's one of their display shelves which the owner arranged herself. So cute!

Chose some option for lighting for the office reno, sent photos to the client, discuss on which to purchase, and go haul that thing to the site.

Pick wallpaper option for two projects, meet clients and decide on which to get. Purchase them and schedule installation. Install.
Also purchased a lot of items online (15 office chairs, bookshelves, marker board, etc etc etc!), inquired, paid, and schedule deliveries.

Bought bathroom fixtures and Big Ass Plank for office reno, table and artwork for Modern Parisian Apartment from Wilcon.
Delivered Big Ass Plank to the site. A day later, I was told that we need more. Went back again to get more Big Ass Plank, after which I delivered straight to the site.

Before I continue, can we discuss the name Big Ass Plank?? Haha.. Their product is good, and it actually is a big ass vinyl planks. Why not? I love people who are bold in their branding, it has brand recall and it's true to it's name. I'll surely get more of those when the need arises.

Anyway, on Thursday, spent the day and night to finish this office. All deliveries are here, workers are busting their asses to get done. (too much "ass" on this post... haha) Painting, hanging lights, cleaning, wallpaper installation, arranging furniture happening all at the same time. Chaos I tell you. But it's worth it. Left at 10 pm with the office looking like this.
Thank you God. Thank you workers. I can breath.

It looks like the same color but in reality it was tad different. We opted for a more taupey brown instead of the army green it previously had. Also, not obvious in the photo, we had some sort of matte/gloss stripe thing going on on the walls.

Anyway, tomorrow's another day (Friday) which to another project I went. Made sure all deliveries were there and deadline was met. After that day, went to another one to deliver chair, pillows, and bar stools. This week, we're finishing that one.

On Sunday, I slept. All day. It was lovely.


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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