Project Mad Men Big Reveal: Before and After

8/07/2013 02:48:00 AM

Last February, I shared this project. You never heard about it since. Story of this blog. Haha.. But to my defense, I've waited for a schedule to properly photograph the space since it was a busy season for them. I waited still. To make the waiting story short, it never happen. And they since moved some furniture to another office (which I also did! Yay!), hence I'm using photos I've had since Feb! Pathetic me. Haha... 

Anyway, this renovation is more on the cosmetic side. Nothing too big on construction, just paint, light installation, and furnishing.


Since it was a narrow room, we placed the desks on one side. Rows of light fixture and frames were added as accents. 

We painted the ceiling a really dark taupe, and lighter shade for the walls.


The theme of the lounge is sort of vintage traveller. Since I took these photos prior to moving in, there's no personal stuff yet. But ideally, there'll be globe above the red display cabinet, lots of books inside, and there'll be a clean carpet! haha... We framed a vintage world and Philippine map I found online.


I placed a generic conference table in deep mahogany in here. To give more personality to the space, I used vintage tulip chairs. If I would have known that these photos will be my portfolio pictures, I would at least turn those damn chairs so they would all be aligned! haha

A little lounge area near the window to enjoy the view while drinking a cup of coffee. 


One room is the designated private lounge of the owner. I'm so in love with this sofa! So deep and cushy and loungy. And those perfect cognac brown leather, ugh. I want.

The whole room is painted in a dark rich greenish gray. Even the curtain is in the same hue. It just envelops the whole room and it gives the space a very moody vibe, which I love.


Since we're doing just cosmetic changes to the space, due to tight schedule and the fact that they'll probably have a major renovation down the line, we need to embrace the old beige fixture and tiles.

We painted the walls stripes so that would be the first thing you'll see instead of the outdated fixture. Framed the mirror in dark brown and placed a matching shower curtain. Added few accessories to complete this "new" bathroom.


Paint, new appliances, and a gigantic clock completes the kitchen makeover.

This was one challenging project since we were on a very tight deadline. Renovation and furnishing in 2 weeks! It was a crazy moment but so worth it. I think we achieved the classic vintage vibe a.k.a. Mad Men and the client loves it. Done done done.


  1. This black theme based kitchen looks great. Nice idea.!!

  2. Where did the colorful chairs in the old conference room go? They were beautiful.
    Job well done!

  3. @james thanks!

    @psyche it was given away. :) Thanks!


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