The Working Loft: Project Reveal

8/28/2013 07:29:00 PM

I so love this project because of the obvious reason that this is one very concrete-y industrial office. But other than that, I love it because I get to enjoy it myself. This client has been a long-time client of mine and I did a lot of his space. Many meetings were held here in this very office and I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Haha...

So we started with this blank slate. 

The idea is to have a big communal table where people can work together. No cubicles or separate desks, just one gigantic table, a lounge area, a mini-kitchen, and a private space. As for the look, we're going all-out industrial. Exposed pipes and ducts, concrete walls and floors, black brick walls, with lots of wood and leather to give it a very homey feel. 

Private Space
This is the only private room in the loft, best for those confidential meetings. As for the furnishing, not yet done. Haha.. The client still wasn't sure on what to put in here so he just bought stuff he loves. This is how it's gonna be until he finally decided on how to use the space. But it works and I love it as it is.

On the far corner is a place to relax. It comes complete with two big tvs and a wii! I'm not even sure how they get work done in this office. Haha It has one super comfy sofa and a bar area that looks out to the view. That would be the spot I would love to work in. :)

Main Work Space
The heart of this office is this custom 4 meters communal table we had made. It's made out of old solid wood and is super heavy! 

On the left corner we had custom built this sort of bleachers type sitting area. Yes you climb up there and just chill. Wala lang. Haha.. The client wanted some sort of installation that is functional and fun. 

On the right corner is their panty complete with a smeg. A shiny black smeg! Gawd I'm jealous. haha

One wall is flanked with pipe shelves and storage system.

Since we did not built a ceiling, these aluminum dome lights we're installed all through out the space for lighting.

The chairs are all vintage that I had refinished and reupholstered so they would sort of match but not really. 

On the other wall is a back-lit marker board. 

I love love this space. It's a glimpse into my dream home. Of course my future home would have a lot more colors, but this would be the basics. Concrete, rough, raw, but so homey and welcoming at the same time. I'm so happy to add some diversity to my portfolio. I love all the feminine and quirky things I did, but projects like this gives me a chance to dab my hands on other looks.


  1. Nice! Nice! Loved the concept... I hope I have that kind of space and hopefully that kind of workplace... baka lagi akong OT! :p


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