Hub Stylebreaker: The Living Space

9/30/2013 04:37:00 AM

Creating your very first solo space is a very exciting process. I just know that when it's my time to do it, I'll be so happy and crazy and thankful. I actually have no idea what I'd like to do with my own home (aside from the industrial structure), but it's a lot easier to design other people's spaces. They tell me what they like, what they need, then I come up with a plan. I guess it just so happen that I like and have been exposed to a lot of design style that it would be so hard for me to pinpoint and commit to one.

But thankfully, this fashion blogger knows what she wants. We'll do the entire unit-- living space, kitchen, foyer, office, bedroom, bathroom suite, and two walk-in closets. Yes, TWO.

We already have plans for each of the spaces which I'll share with you on upcoming posts. For now, lets start with the plan for the living room. On all the other rooms, she wanted soft pastel colors, but for her main living space, she wanted, bold, bright, and some pops of neon.

Here's the very bright and empty "before".
Love all the windows! View galore. The plan is to paint the window frame some bright neon shade. That would be a big statement.


She wanted a feminine colorful space. So we'll have orange fun pattern for the curtains that will nicely complement the neon window frame. For the furnishing, I wanted to combine the girly-ness  of a french tufted sofa, vintage pedestal table, with the modern-ness of the coffee table and ghost chairs. 
Since the curtains have huge colorful pattern, I opted for smaller geometric pattern on a neutral rug. You can combine prints as long as they won't clash. Big prints + small prints. Florals + geometrics. 

Gallery wall, of course, will be on one massive wall. I don't want everything to be sweet, so I went for some black industrial looking lamp.
This will be one heck of a pretty place for this very lucky girl. Agggh I could kill for a unit like hers. Correction, I could kill for a view like hers! Haha...

 I think this will be one special space. Stay tuned! :)


  1. Nice! And that view is indeed to die for.

  2. Nice view! I have a feeling it's for Laureen Uy. ;) Can't wait for the upcoming post/s!

  3. Yes... love the view!! thank you! :)

  4. Hi Elle,

    I am so encouraged about your passion in interior designing. I've been a lover of home decorating since I was a kid. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pursue my interest because of financial scarsity. I am working now but I admit that it is not really the job that I love.

    I must say that I am fond of interior designing, too. However, I badly needed help this time. I feel paranoid because of the mixed designideas in my head. I've been reading a lot of articles about decorating but I can't make them happen. Well, I am writing because I badly needed your advice. My family and I just moved in to a new 2bedroom condo unit. We are just four. We are starting from scratch now as my parents lived in the province. My fiance' and I decided to live in together with my parents here in Manila. We don't have much stuffs at home. We got only a set of sofa, a dining set and just a simple entertainment set in our living room. We don't have bedframe yet as well. We are just using the foam we bought from "palengke" as it is cheaper. We have a terrace but it is full of clutter.

    I hope you can help me in turning this unit into a harmonious and colorful place. I need budget decorating ideas that would suit our income since we are just starting.



    1. Ooh sorry i missed this. If you still need help / advise. Drop me an email at elleuydecor at gmail. Thank you!

  5. Hi, Ellie.

    May I ask where you source the tufted furnitures?

    1. Hi kathrine.. I source furniture from a lot of place actually. Big box store like mandaue and our home.. But i also love custom-mades as i can give specs and exact style. :)


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