Real Living Space: Makeover Reveal

9/14/2013 09:00:00 AM

In celebration of Real Living's 10th Year Anniversary, they organized an event in which 8 designers/decorators styled different spaces to bring the pages of the magazine to life. I'm one of the lucky few who were chosen. :) 

If you want to see all our spaces and attend FREE workshops, visit Trion Towers on Sept 14 and 15! Check out for more details.

Anyway, back to the room I did. We were each assigned a space to redecorate for the event, mine is a bedroom for a 20 something "client". More details on my first post.

Here's the moodboard I came up with after checking out all available items from the sponsors.  

This was the room assigned to me.

And here it is now... my moodboard came to life! :)

A bedroom for a fun and quirky gal who loves to read books and magazine, hence the huge shelves.

Throw pillows galore to add graphic patterns to the otherwise plain bed.

I did the bed "daybed" style to save on space, and to have that lounge-y feel.

 I had so much fun doing this bedroom for our make-believe client. Haha

Just came back from the launch of RL Space and their anniversary party, in which I'm so so early that you can mistake me as one of the staff. Haha..

Here's Editor-in-Chief Rachelle Medina and Associate Publisher Tom Castaneda presenting all that is happening for Real Living. New look, new book, big event.

All the designers/decorators with Real Living people. Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of this creative group of people. 
photo from thegirlsroomonline

Before heading home, I, of course, had to pose in "my" room. Haha.. Thanks Pam for the photo and accompanying me for the night. :)

Visit RL Space to see all the other designers' spaces. They all look amazing!


  1. it is fantastic! great job. i wish i could send you a picture of my room and you could tell me how to restyle it haha :)


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