The Rooms Upstairs: New Project (the Before and the Plans)

9/18/2013 02:21:00 AM

This house is in much need of an update. It's never been touched since their first renovation when they moved in 10 years ago. Hence the somewhat outdated wallpaper and curtains in the room you'll see below. But let me tell you, their living/dining area is still in pristine condition even 10 years later. The wallpaper, the sofas, curtains still looks new. I have no idea how they maintained it. 

Anyway, we're updating all of the upstairs room - Master bedroom, office, and the boy's room. We started with the office and the boy's room so they can use the master bedroom while the construction is in. After this first phase, we'll tackle the remaining room. So here's the before and the plan for each space.

This space is fine, everything is still intact, but the style, not so much. They wanted to freshen up this room since this is where husband, wife, and son do computer work. It also has a daybed for the guest. So it should also be cozy and inviting. The mom wants this to be a bright and happy place. Blue and orange galore! 

The plan is to keep most of the items and just repaint / refinish them. The only carpentry we did is the study area / bookshelves on the left, and the one above the long desk (you'll see that later). We're framing one of husband's photography. It's the starting point of this whole design. Simple textured wallpaper for the walls  is the perfect canvas for all the patterns and colors.

Here's the other side of the room. Desk area for the couple. 

The one above the desk is a custom cabinetry to store small items, papers, and a place for their tv. The top of the desks and lower cabinets will be painted a faux wood grain finish to break all the whites. Also reupholstering all their office chairs into colorful and patterned fabrics.

This was originally a storage room. Obviously. It is a small space just enough for a bed and a desk. Thankfully, there's a built-in closet on the other side so no problem with storage in here.

The idea is to create a calming space for a teen boy but with lots texture and warmth. I don't want to put any crazy colors in here since well, he doesn't like crazy color. He's not me. Haha.. I started with bluish gray for the walls, and one wood plank accent wall. It's not too much visually since the big window breaks it's continuity, the planks is just enough for that texture I wanted.
A long desk will be built on one wall as his study area and eventually a place for a tv in front of the bed. Hexagon shelves over the desk to display some of his books and his toy car collection. The whole space is in different shades of calming blues, and various wood tones. Calming + warmth.

Here's a sneak peek in the progress of the boy's room. Loving it so far! 

Finding myself incorporating more and more woods into my projects lately, they are simply gorgeous.



Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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