Hot Pink Settee for the Lady Office

10/11/2013 02:22:00 AM

You see, when a client tells me she loves pink and purple and chic details, I go all out. In this space, I make it a point to have a couple of statement pieces such as the lady wing chair..

and this...

Hot pink it is. Since all the other spaces in this office is pretty much clean lines, modern, and moody, I don't want to go all out chic and girly on everything, so I chose the two focal furniture that she'll love. Everything else is simple with clean lines. 

I fell in love with these velvety hot pink fabric I saw a year or so ago and vowed that I'll use it someday. Thank goodness it didn't run out of stock 'coz this settee needs them now. 

If you're wondering what happened with the lady wing chair, here she is now. Obviously the room's not done yet, but we are getting there. As you can see, bookshelves and table are simple and not too out there which nicely balances the curviness of the chair and settee (which is on the other side of the room)

We're still not 100% on the rug, I'll see when everything is in place and other black elements are here. But as for the curtains and wallpaper, I'm in love. You can't see the detail of the walls from afar but it's really cute black circles, and the fabric is a gray bigger circle in brush stroke effect. Very cute.

I'll be bringing in accessories and small furniture in this office next week, so I'll be sharing the rest of the space soon (lounge, guy office, staff office, bedroom) 


  1. I'm really loving the lady wing chair (I wish I have one right know so I can read my books like a boss!) :)

  2. Pink is my favorite..!! I will definitely pin this pink sofa and yes, for sure I will buy it too for my home..!!


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