Moodboards to Reality

10/28/2013 08:33:00 PM

My projects all commence with a moodboard (mostly). I show clients what their space may potentially look like, before going head on with the reno. Some clients though don't even ask for one! I know, lucky me. Those were the times when we are on a time crunch, and also, I already did a lot of their space that they fully trust me. Thank you dear clients. 

Anyway, the goal is to make the space closest to the moodboard as humanly possible. In the end, it's just so fulfilling to deliver what they expected, and even more. Plus points if I got to photograph the space in almost the exact same angle as the moodboard. So here's a little moodboard to reality of my previous projects. You can click the title to view the full reveal with before photos. Enjoy! :)

We used her existing bed, and had the side table / L-desk custom made. Found a teal swirly fabric for the curtains which somewhat resembled the board.

Just repainted their cabinetries and installed new backsplash and vinyl floors for a budget-friendly renovation.

Room reno for two boys using blue and orange accents. Had the desk custom-made.

Lucky to found this wallpaper the look almost exactly like the one in the moodboard.

I love the richer colors on the outcome of this project. Of course, the finishes was shown to the client and I'm glad we made it in deeper hues. Everything started with the accent wallpaper and all color were pulled from there.

This is one of my favorite renovation. Love love the results, and that teal and yellow just makes me smile. :) 

Super girly and glam. We installed the molding for some architectural detail. The only brand new stuff in here are the sofa and dining table. The rest are repurposed pieces from their childhood home. Their house if full of vintage goodness I feel like I was shopping for free. Haha

There you go... hoping to add more to this collection.

P.S. A lot have been asking me what software I use to do these, it's just Photoshop. I used to be a graphic artist, and it's nice to be able to still practice what I did before in some little aspects of this new hobby turned career of mine. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Elle! I also wondered what fancy software you were using. :-)
    Love the "teal&yellow" piece. I think I finally decided what colour I should paint my front door!
    As always, big fan of your work ;-)


  2. Open windows can give a great look to our home.Something like picture windows.Wide sliding patio doors....A home with lot of light ....Elegant porch enclosures.... That is my dream home..Some of your ideas are inspirational!!Great blog!

  3. Inspired! A big fan of your design and I hope I can duplicate some in our home. It always seems so effortless when it comes to color scheme. Its always my challenge when I try to decorate. Yeah, maybe I'll just keep on trying if not, I hope I can afford your service! haha..

  4. Where did you get the wallpapers?

  5. Love your work talaga! When I do renovate my home, I'd go this blog for inspiration. :) Keep at it!

  6. i really like you blog it's so beautiful the decoration is unique i love it :D

  7. Thank you everyone! :) Means a lot!


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