3 Day Office Reno: The Big Reveal

11/30/2013 03:05:00 AM

I first posted about this project here, sharing how crazy that week was. I could still very much remember. Basically, I was given 3 days to makeover this office and make it useable the following Monday. But thankfully, I had some time to make tweaks and bring in additional furnishes to finally call this office done. 

Here it is! It's not a big space. One room for employees, and one room for the boss with a meeting area. Here's the first room. This is what you see upon entering.

It's a small waiting area for guests. Had a black and white photos lined up one wall.

On the other side of the divider wall is the employee area. Three individual desks, and one communal work table in the middle.

We embraced the fact that this space doesn't get natural light, so we cozy it up using deep tone and dark wood. 

We also played up the wall by painting it matte and glossy stripes in the same color. Not that obvious in the photos but it just adds some depth on the walls.

As for the other room, I used an accent wallpaper on the main wall. It sets the tone for the entire space. The wall and curtain color was pulled from that. 

The desk we used is special to the owner as it was once owned by his dad. The best way to compliment the desk is by pairing it with this vintage office chair. We refinished the wood and reupholstered the seats and it's now looking brand new but still with its vintage charm.

The other side of the room is their meeting area. Again, a nice vintage table given to him by a friend. 

Paired it with a metal chair to add some modernness to the space, with a simpler leather swivel chairs on both ends.

A lounge area when not working was in order. Love the sofa and the leather rug we put in here. 

The colors here matches the other room for continuity. But this room has more blacks in it (sofa, doors, tv, swivel chairs) with hint of silver (wallpaper and chairs). These elements gave it a little more modern appeal.

Gallery wall around the tv. I'll definitely do that once we get our own space. :) 

Love the part when the owner called and told me that his employees love their new office and that they're much more inspired to come here everyday. Total win.

I'm doing a lot more of this style lately, masculine with some vintage vibe, a far cry from my usual colorful girly style. Love that they trusted me with this. Thank you so much dear clients. :)


  1. Yes, very different from your usual 'colourful girly' style, and yet so nicely done. Not an easy space, considering there's no natural light. Great twist. Elegant and functional. I loved how you played with colours.


  2. Thanks so much Mirela.. a challenging yet fun project indeed. :)


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