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Stylist's Home Office: Big Reveal (!!!!!)

3:56:00 PM
This is the latest of all the late reveals in history! Just to remind you, this was my very first project ever. This started all the craziness going on around here, which happened almost 2 years ago. TWO YEARS. Late I told you. Haha... But this project was done done done long time ago, just haven't gotten the chance to photograph the space. Now I have them, which was sadly taken at night = poor photograph, but at least they are here!

Without further ado, here's the reveal 2 years later.
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

The room was used to be a storage / catch-all space without much style. Big blank space. It was a moderately sized room so it needed to be functional and glamorous at the same time.
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

A golden silky drapes for both windows gives such a luxe feel to the room. 
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

The glass round table is used for all the work and meetings going on in here. A custom-made desk is the dedicated desktop area for a much serious computer work. 
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

Love the body from which gives life to one corner of the room.
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

Hand-written notes and photos pinned to our big custom memo-board. 
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

Since this room needed so much storage, we made one entire wall as a closet. We removed the tub area from the bathroom (other side of the wall) to give way to a closet space in this room. The closet doors had paneled doors with beveled mirrors for a more upscale look.
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

Oh, do you remember how we got the chairs? You can read the story here and here.
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

A gallery wall of past work above the couch, which also experienced some makeover of her own.
home office, glam office, liz uy, liz uy office

If you want to see a more step by step renovation detail of this space, see this post. This was a fun project and I'll be always thankful for the opportunities this project opened for me.

Finally, this reveal photos graces this blog. Better late than never I say.



DuoDeco Studio. New Year. New Look.

3:39:00 AM
One night while me and the bf is discussing stuff, it came up that we're both not truly happy with our original website design for DuoDeco Studio. We like it. But we do not love it. You see, with all the rushing, renovation, and stuff going on in opening up the shop, I came up with a design and we just went with it. It's good enough we say. And it is. 

But after a month, it doesn't excite us anymore. So what do a former graphic designer do? Did a makeover of course. This time, we discussed what we really wanted, which is more of a magazine look, more interactive, and just something that we could play with as we move along. Here it is....
I love it. We love it! See the brand new site here

The navigation is simplified. It's just the items up for grabs, and the things you need to know-- about us, showroom details, and some FAQs. That's it for the site design, check it out.. go!

Anyway, we are working on our next batch of items which is really exciting, but for now, here are my faves from our maiden collection....

Gold Stallion Chair. Just because pink and gold together is always a winner. Haha... 

Love the vintage shape of this side table. Plus green is the color of the new year!

Classic lines with modern color. Could be girly or masculine. Check! MCM Royal Chair...

Just because I can't believe I painted this.. hahaha... here

How cute is this lamp? The bf made this himself. here

Ok fine, there are a lot more faves that I could enumerate here.. but that would make this a very long post. So just check them out ummkay??? okay. haha...

If you'd like to get exclusive updates and promos, you can sign-up here.

Thank you for those who bought from our first collection! :) :) :) Excited to launch new items.
See you at the showroom!
HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the Day: Sweet Coral

1:28:00 AM
This probably is one of the sweetest home office I've seen. I mean just look at those walls! And all that accent corals is just all too chic. If you love pink but doesn't want it too juvenile, this is how you do it. Add some gold and you'll have a glam up space.

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How to Deal with a Small Bedroom

2:05:00 AM
In these times when real estate and square footage gets smaller and smaller, we are all face with the ordeal of a tiny bedroom. I've seen a lot of condominium units that has a very small "master" bedroom, and even tinier second bedroom. Seriously, its literally a BED-room, since the only thing that will fit in there is one single bed! But we all have to deal with it. And dealing with it doesn't necessarily mean making do with a so-so looking room, you can all spruce up those shoebox-like spaces and make it fit for a queen. :) 

Beside a wall
If you have a narrow room, you'll probably have no choice but to position the bed right beside the wall. Here are few tricks to give life to that narrow space:

-- Hang a few but great art pieces around the space to bring the eyes up. Same size artworks will give some form of unity and wouldn't look as cluttered. 
-- Another sure way to bring the eyes up is to hang a nice chandelier. Nothing too big that might overwhelm the space. 

-- A wallpapered accent wall is the highlight of this room. It instantly brings life to the space. 
-- They also utilized the window ledge to act as a bedside table. 
-- No room for a table lamp? Wall mounted scones adds drama and much needed lighting.

-- If you have an off-centered window that would look strange behind a headboard, just put drapes behind the entire back wall. This would give a solid balanced backdrop for the bed. 
-- You can also have a patterned headboard to be the star of the room. This way, you can add prints and color to the space without being too overbearing. 

Custom fit
Another way to maximized floor space to a narrow room is to have a custom bed (ala daybed) that would fit one space of the wall. This would free up a lot of floor for your other furniture.

-- Horizontal stripes on the wall would expand a room visually. Make sure to use low contrast colors, like pale taupe and cream like the photo below, to avoid cutting up the room. 
-- A few accent mirrors will bounce light to give the illusion of a brighter and bigger room.

--A custom bed in this layout will give you the extra space for a work area. 
-- Wall scones will give you lighting and can act as sculptural art as well.

-- Again, don't be afraid to use interesting lighting in small spaces. This will give the room much needed character. As long as it's proportional to the room, go for it.
-- Utilized that bed and put much needed storage under it. 
-- Half-round side table has much smaller foot print which is perfect for a smaller room.

-- Here's a great example of custom bed with storage underneath. With drapes hang on both sides of the bed, it creates a very cozy sleeping nook. 

If you have just enough space to put your bed in the middle of the room, then go for symmetry. This would give hotel-esque feel if done right.

--Crisp geometric black and white accent give the room movement without much clutter. To avoid looking to sterile, add natural elements such as the rattan bench, woven rug, some plants / flowers. 

-- A sure way to give wow factor to a small room is use a huge framed art as the headboard. No need for any other wall art. 

-- Ceiling-mount your bedside lamp to free up table space. It's one unconventional lighting solution that is both chic and practical.

Go Big
--Don't be afraid to just go for it. Dark walls. Wallpaper. Frame gallery. Big bed. It's your room, surround yourself with things you love. 

--Since it's a small room, cozy it up. Add plush pillows, soft blankets, colorful accent throws. The bed is probably the biggest estate in this space, highlight it. Make sure you'll love to hang out in there. 

What floor space??
-- Okay, this is probably not for everybody. Not even me. But it might work for you. If you have a small space but wants a big bed, then just fill your room up with it. Haha.. It really does look inviting noh?
-- Custom shelves. In this room, they built an entire shelves for the whole span of one wall to house books, arts, and media equipments.

Having a small room is not an excuse to have a mediocre looking space, you can definitely have a big style in a small room. One good thing about having a small space? It's a lot cheaper to furnish and decorate! If life hands you lemons, make lemonades. Ano daw?? Haha...

before and after

House of DuoDeco: Kitchen Reveal

8:58:00 PM
Welcome to the most rarely used area in our newly revamped showroom/office/headquarters-- the kitchen. When we first saw this place, everything is in bad shape. They were all yellowy and peeling, the walls and ceilings in dire need of fresh coat of paint, and marble tops literally falling off. But we looked passed that and see the potential-- the brick look-a-like walls, the solid paneled doors, high ceilings, and well, just a place to call ours. So we wanted to personalized each area of this apartment, including this dingy kitchen. 

After a couple coat of light gray paint on walls and ceiling, upper cabinets switcheroo, white paint for upper cabs, dark gray below, black with white trim for the backdoor, new cement counter top, new tile backsplash, freshly painted appliance, new lights, painted floors, and some accessories, here's our kitchen now... 

We removed the upper cabinets and replaced it with the one you see peeking on the right...

It is such a tiny space so we wanted it to be fun and colorful. So we have an old stove and fridge painted yellow and teal respectively. Everything is just neutral, and just pops of color through the appliance and accessories.

Love how the door turned out. It's painted in a satin black with white detail. We have yet to use this kitchen as actual kitchen. The cabinets now houses spray paints, and other construction materials instead of actual food! Haven't even plugged in the fridge yet, afraid of Meralco too much. Haha... But we'll get there. Looking forward to do some cooking in here. Actually I'll do the eating and the Bf will do the cooking! Yes, I'm spoiled like that. Haha

Here's to food coming out of this newly renovated kitchen...Cheers!