The Clubhouse Reveal 2.0

1/13/2014 10:18:00 PM

You know those moments when you swore to yourself that you need to do something and never got around to it? I knew that too well. When I first showed you this project, it was photographed at night, using my phone. Which obviously mean not so very nice photos. I promised to go back there again to properly photographed the space, which of course, never happened. (I've got like 6 finished projects to photograph still!)

Well well, food bloggers to the rescue! Haha... While browsing the net, I chanced upon these two bloggers who featured The Clubhouse, both of which have stunning pictures of the place. I hurriedly asked their permission to use their photos for this blog and my portfolio and both generously agreed. Thank you so much! Without further ado, here's The Clubhouse through the lenses of Ang Kaladkarin and Walk and Eat. :)


  1. Hi Elle! I just wanted to say that your blog is such an inspiration. I have been wanting to decorate my home at a budget-friendly pace, and I'm so happy that you have shared a lot of ideas. I sent an email out to you by the way to inquire about your rates. I hope to hear from you soon. :)

  2. Hi Mitz, thank you so much, happy to provide a little inspiration. :) Be sending out emails later! :)

  3. Hi, Elle! I was browsing Robinson's magazine where they did a feature on their Magnolia branch. I got attracted to the interior of the Clubhouse. I was surprised when you blogged that you did the resto's interior. 'Thought that was really cool. However, I also noticed that the photos you took weren't that -- well, great. It did not come out as stunning as the photos in the magazine although that's perfectly understandable because you're not a professional photographer. What I'm just saying is that perhaps you may want to consider upgrading your camera. You do amazing makeovers but when you feature them here in your blog -- they don't seem to come out as awesome. Just a piece of advise from an avid follower.

  4. Love the reclaimed wood table..Can't wait to meet you, Elle..We're coming home next month._JBDayao

  5. @ritafudd totally agree with you! My photos suck. haha.. Need to really work on it to better showcase my work. Thank you! :)

    @JBdayao see you soon!


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