Project Industrial Chic-- Big Reveal

3/18/2014 11:37:00 PM

Remember the time I posted the moodboard and progress of this project? I guess not 'coz it's waaayyy waaay back, almost a year. But as I told you, I want to cross out taking photos of finish projects so just a while ago, I visited and took this shots. Hooray!

We wanted a happy bright space with lots of accent colors here and there. We put some industrial elements to balance out all the girlyness-- white washed bricks on the highest wall up to the loft level, metal and wood dining table, black dome lights, and exposed wood beams.

This is the view from the main door. You can see a peek of the kitchen the we updated by adding cabinet trims, new paint color, and tile backsplash.

In the dining nook, we installed this inexpensive dome lights, but spray-painted the inside gold for the little touch of glam. Love the gold peeking a little. 

The wall between the dining and kitchen doorway is the perfect spot for a foyer. We put a simple black table to match the other black elements, and nice ornate mirror. Again with the simple + chic combination.

In the main living space, you can see the brick wall we installed. Love brick walls then, still love them now! We don't have those original brick buildings here with nice wall to wall brick interiors, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the look. Fake them people, it will make you happy. Haha...

Since the ceiling is really high on this spot because of the loft level, a big chandelier is in order. This matte black wrought iron chandelier fits the bill. It's industrial yet very chic.

Oh hello green door. I love bright painted doors, and so easy to replicate the look. If you're tired of those painted brown door (the one that is made to look like wood but is obviously painted, yes those, we all have those) do yourself a favor and paint them. 

The walls on the stairs was clad with family photos all around. It totally makes the space fun and personal.

The upstairs loft is more subdued and calm since it's a place to sleep.  It would be great to take the photos up to the ceiling but that would be expensive, life-threatening to install, and super hard to clean. Haha

Love the view going down the stairs. It feels like a start of a great day. Haha...

 I would love to have a happy vibe in the dream home. I don't know, there's just something about a nice house that gives you a better mood. How many times have you frowned and grunted at your messy space? How many times have your space left you uninspired and unmotivated? Our surroundings greatly affects our everyday lives, so I think investing a little in our home is a must. I'm not saying throw all your money and renovate, just simple updates that will uplift and make you smile everyday is worth it. Well that's what I'm telling myself, that's why we'll probably throw chunk of our saving for Project Dream Home. Haha.. But yeah, it will be worth it.

Onto the next big reveal, six more to go!


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