Project Reveal: Luna Coffee

3/02/2014 07:03:00 PM

I just got back from additional table delivery for this project that I've never shared here before, and finally got the chance to photograph the space! Hooray for me. Haha.. I've been wanting to get to at least one by one finish taking photos of finished projects, so one down, seven to go! I'm getting there. 

So let me introduce to you Luna, an all-day breakfast place that serves super yummy food and coffee. Believe me, I know, I've been to their taste test a lot of times and everything is so so good. But I'm not a food blogger so let me discuss the space with you. It's a cozy little spot tucked in BGC. Basically they wanted an open kitchen concept that is industrial, casual, a place where people can just hang-out.

On one corner of the space is a private room (which you can reserved by the way) that is a little more upscale. Since every wall of the main dining space are bricks, we wanted to give this nook a different feel, hence the molding and dark walls. The banquet seating and table are custom-made for this area.

I will never get tired of tufting, my dream sofa is a chesterfield, so that's the inspiration here. 

The main area (kitchen/dining) are all clad in red bricks. The original color of this are much lighter but we had it stained a bit to give it more depth.

All the chairs are vintage that we had refinished, and given new leather upholstery in brown and black.

Concrete for the flooring, again my dream floors. Haha

The tables are custom-made from old parquet that we had stained different shades of brown and black. Love the tables really. I want to take them home.

Open kitchen and bar area. As you can see, our choice of materials are all simple-- wood, black, bricks, concrete, but all of them have textures that brings the space to life.

Exposed pipes to complete the industrial look.

Can you see that I applied many of my dream home elements in here? That's not intentional, the client loves this look, and I guess I'm just drawn to the same things at this point in time.

Love the outcome of this place, it's simple with a touch of interesting elements here and there. And it's really cozy especially at night! If you want to see the food/drinks they serve, follow them on instagram @lunacoffeeph. You may visit them at G/F Nac Tower 32nd St. BGC Taguig. 

So happy to be able to (after a long while) share a project I did. Hopefully I get to share the other seven finished projects with you soon. Back to work!


  1. hi, elle. great work! miss your shop. ☺️

  2. Thank you! We'll be back, and it's going to be so much better! :) :) Haha


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