Design Projects, Dream House News, and Happy Holy Week!

4/15/2014 05:14:00 PM

Aside from all the dream house related stuff up my mind for the last 100 years or so, we actually have to do some work to have some funds to finally push that house into reality... 

Although I haven't posted design updates or introduced new projects in here, they are happening. I just don't want to be all excited and share details, and then never post any reveal until a year later. I know it's annoying. Haha.. So I wanted to at least have an almost complete project before sharing so the reveal will not be far behind. I'm not sure I can keep up with that because when I'm excited, I share. 

So here are some happenings the past month...

Remember the moodboard I shared for Hub Stylebreaker way back? Well the place is almost done and we're onto decorating. She's a dear cousin of mine and I'm just helping out here and there with some recommendations but she made lots of decision herself. I presented options, she chooses. Since she has a bold personality, I wanted it to shine. And boy did it shine. Haha.. You'll see....

This is one of the walk-in closets.. yup, one of two!

Pink main door, you think that's bold?

Pink stripes office, a little bolder right?

Now this is bold. Neon pink window frame that spans the entire living dining space! The lighting here is crazy right now but it's crazy good in person. 

Not pink, but a mint kitchen. :) We since then changed it to a more subdued pale mint to better coordinate with the tiles, it will be good. Not seen here since the floors is covered but we have a black and cream diagonal stripes somewhere in there. Can't wait so see this kitchen not covered in newspaper and dust.

This is going to be one colorful place! She just sent me pegs for furniture we're going to have custom-made and the hope is by May, stuff are going to go in here and we can see the space in all it's rainbow glory.

Another project that just commence is a spacious combined unit. We're grinding down walls as we speak. It literally just started this morning and we are on a very tight deadline! The next 6 weeks is going to be crazy. Add to that a few more projects commencing so it's happy challenge I'm diving into head on. 

Now this project is a far cry from the pink ones above as we are going for a neutral, airy, streamlined space with lots of simple interesting details. I'll spare you all the details for now as that should be another post of its own.. for now here's  some of the boards I presented. Most furniture will be custom-made.

I'm excited for the kitchen. I wanted it a little scandinavian, a little glitz with a stainless penny backsplash. It's bold choice but still neutral. 

I'll be sharing all the other rooms sometime soon but as I said, I wanted it to share them closer to the reveal if that's at all possible. Haha...


The construction on this project is coming to a close but we have some more shopping to do so it's not yet done, done. But loving the look we're going for here. It's quite small that needs to have a lot of function, mostly, the living/dining space should also house a bedroom for a 12 year old boy. That's a challenge since the boy needs some privacy and we don't want to have a bed right there in the middle of it all.

So we had a nook built in with wood slats to act as divider but not totally closed off the sleeping area. It's still a little private, but it's not claustrophobic at all.

The other side is where we'll fit a living, dining, and a fridge. Tight, but cute. :) Oh and bricks. Yep, the client asked for one and I happily obliged.

I hopefully can share all these in details soon with some peeks of the actual spaces, that would be nice. But before all that, lets all have a great holy week, shall we? We're going to Baguio for some recharging before the hectic months ahead, so looking forward to that.

Oh for Project Dream House related news, we're having plans drafted care of the bf's architect friend, I'm excited! I already have a rough floor plan sent to him so I can't wait to see it all official and technical.. Haha... 

Happy Holy Week!


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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